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Posted by Chris Brown on June 12, 2012 – 10:14 am

Appearing on Bills flagship station WGR Sportsradio 550 ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski gave his take on the outlook for Ryan Fitzpatrick this coming season.

“With Ryan here’s the thing that I love, and I look at this as a quarterback. When did I get better? I got better in the offseason,” Jaworski said. “Last year there was no offseason and that hurt guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick who needs that work. He’s going to get that work now because he has an outstanding quarterback coach in David Lee. That’s a critical relationship.”

Jaworski, who spent two months this offseason breaking down every pass thrown by the top 30 quarterbacks in the league, believes a lot of what led to Fitzpatrick’s struggles were related to his throwing mechanics.

“I broke down every pass of Ryan Fitzpatrick from last season,” he said. “I watched every ball Ryan Fitzpatrick threw. You see a lot of great plays, a lot of positive plays. But the negative plays, the majority of them are based on mechanics. Improper mechanics hurt him. His mistakes were made when his feet were not underneath him, when he wasn’t balanced. Mechanics are the foundation of playing that position on a consistent basis. What I’m looking forward to is the hard work that he’s going to do and seeing a much more consistent quarterback this season.”

In talking about having David Lee as his quarterbacks coach, Fitzpatrick mentioned how no other coach he’s had at this level really schooled him on the proper mechanics of throwing. When asked about this Jaworski was not surprised.

“I’m not trying to bad mouth NFL coaches. They’re as committed to their work as anyone, but I’ve always said that the quarterback position is the worst coached position in the NFL. What happens is you have a lot of prima donnas that make a lot of money and you’ve got a coach that’s making $200 thousand that’s supposed to be tough and disciplined on them and a lot of times players don’t buy into that because of their stature.”

Fortunately that’s not the case with Fitzpatrick, who has bought in completely to David Lee’s mechanical expertise.


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