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Teammates respect Mario’s ability

Posted by Chris Brown on June 13, 2012 – 7:45 am

Early in OTAs Shawne Merriman was so impressed with Mario Williams physical stature he called him “a creature.” Donald Jones had a similar experience in OTAs earlier this week.

On a specific play in OTAs Jones had to execute a block on a run play on Williams. Though OTA practices are far from live football just seeing Williams running in his direction made him realize how difficult the task would be on a Sunday.

“Those kinds of assignments, those are cool for me,” said Jones. “So I don’t have a problem with that as long as I don’t have to block Mario. I had to block him yesterday in practice and it didn’t go too well for me. He saw me coming and I felt like he looked through me, but it’s cool. I’ll get it done in the game.”

Suffice to say Jones is glad Williams is on Buffalo’s roster.

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