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Fitz’s rank on Jaws QB list

Posted by Chris Brown on June 18, 2012 – 8:25 am

ESPN is televising a 30-part Jaws’ QB Countdown series where NFL analyst and noted film room guru Ron Jaworski is examining each of the league’s veteran starting quarterbacks and Tim Tebow. The daily series is now counting down the league’s veteran starters, culminating with Jaworski’s top-ranked quarterback to be unveiled on Tues., July 10. Here’s where Fitz ranks on Jaws’ list.

Jaworski ranked Fitzpatrick 24th out of 30. Here’s his explanation as to why.

“Ryan Fitzpatrick comes in at No. 24,” said Jaworski. “Like all quarterbacks in the twenties on my list, Fitzpatrick has some strengths and some weaknesses. He can be best described as a point guard playing quarterback. He’s at his most efficient as a ball distributor, operating predominantly in spread formations. In fact, only two quarterbacks — Matthew Stafford and Tom Brady — threw more passes from the shotgun than Fitzpatrick. He coordinated a short, quick passing game that placed a premium on run after catch.

“I looked again at the Bills’ early-season victory over the Raiders. Fitzpatrick orchestrated as impressive a late-game drive as you’ll ever see. There’s no question Fitzpatrick can play at a high level, at times, but here’s the dose of reality — As I’ve studied him, I’ve really struggled with his inconsistent mechanics. The result: accuracy issues, too many missed opportunities. The ball was badly underthrown. There was a reason for that. Look at Fitzpatrick on his drop. Focus on his feet. He never planted his back foot. He never set. He threw the ball off-balance, falling away. And you know what? He had Steve Johnson wide open on the fade. Johnson ran right by Corey Webster. What should have been an easy touchdown, instead became an interception.

“Many factors go into consistent, week-to-week quarterback play. Mechanics are not talked about enough. Ryan Fitzpatrick is very erratic with both his footwork and throwing motion. While there’s really a whole lot to like, those problems lead to a ranking of 24 on my quarterback big board.”

The plus to be considered here is Fitzpatrick’s mechanics are what should be vastly improved this season under the tutelage of QBs coach David Lee. So the odds are good that Fitz ranks much higher on this list come next year.

Jaws’ QB Countdown Series Rankings:

No. 30 Tim Tebow, New York Jets
No. 29 Blaine Gabbert, Jacksonville Jaguars
No. 28 Christian Ponder, Minnesota Vikings
No. 27 Matt Flynn, Seattle Seahawks
No. 26 Matt Moore, Miami Dolphins
No. 25 Kevin Kolb, Arizona Cardinals
No. 24 Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo Bills


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