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A compelling look at T.O. now

Posted by Chris Brown on June 22, 2012 – 8:26 am

Back in 2009 Bills fans were ecstatic or at the very least curious about the addition of Terrell Owens to the team’s roster. Partially the victim of ineffective quarterbacking and abrupt changes at offensive coordinator Owens still made some memorable plays (See: 98-yd TD at Jax.). Now the situation is a lot different.

As profiled in a lengthy but compelling piece in Grantland, Owens is finding life difficult. Here are some of the more notable comments from Owens in a well written piece by Michael Mooney.

On what Owens wants at this point in life:I’m not asking to be rich,” he says. “I’m just trying to be financially stable. I just want to be stable. That’s any average American that’s working hard for their money. I’m trying to get myself back to a situation where I don’t have to be stressed out at night, worrying what my mom is thinking or my kids.”

On athletes being viewed as invulnerable: “People forget that I’m a human being, just because I play a sport that everybody loves,” he says. “We’re human. We’re not invincible. We share the same feelings and emotions that people on the outside feel. I don’t think people really understand that.”

On his personal struggles and seeking help:A lot of emotional stress that people go through, some people figure out a way to handle it,” he says. “They have a strong enough support system to keep going and keep moving forward. And some people, they feel like they don’t have that outlet. Some people are too prideful to go out and reach out to people to help them in that situation because it’s just such a dark time.”

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