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Spielman part of Ride for Roswell

Posted by Chris Brown on June 22, 2012 – 2:52 pm

The annual Ride for Roswell event to raise money for cancer research begins this Saturday June 22nd, with opening ceremonies this evening (Friday). caught up with Spielman, who has been a major advocate for cancer research ever since his late wife Stefanie was diagnosed back in 1998.

“When Stefanie was originally diagnosed I was still playing for the Buffalo Bills,” said Spielman. “And the fans of Buffalo, the ownership, Mr. Wilson, everyone that was associated with the team was so supportive. Roswell is a great cancer hospital and we’re lucky to have it here in Western New York. I’m involved with our cancer hospital back in Columbus, Ohio and so I know how important research is. So anytime you have a chance to raise money and entrust it to the doctors, researchers and nurses, cancer takes another punch to the face.”

Spielman, who had just neck fusion surgery for a neck injury, found out a short time later that his wife was diagnosed with cancer. He ultimately chose to step away from football for a year in the final year of his contract with the Bills missing the 1998 season.

“They still have a Spielman fund at Roswell, which is I think very cool, but more than the hospital it’s the people that make up the hospital. It’s like a team. And if you can trust the people that are committed to find a cure for cancer you’re in good shape.”

Spielman will be sharing his story with those in attendance about his wife’s courageous battle with cancer. She fought through four bouts with cancer before she finally succumbed to a fifth recurrence of her breast cancer in 2009.

Spielman with a new titanium hip is not going to be able to ride the full distance, but intends to do so later this year for the Columbus, Ohio cancer hospital he and his family actively support as well.

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