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Moats’ goals are clear

Posted by Chris Brown on June 25, 2012 – 12:12 pm

If an outside observer wanted to measure the level of football smarts that Arthur Moats possesses they need only look at what Buffalo’s coaching staff is asking him to tackle as the team prepares for training camp.

As we profiled on the home page of, Moats is doing some cross training at linebacker. The former sixth-round pick’s switches between stand up LB and inside LB in the team’s old 3-4 system almost became comical last year. One week he’d be inside, the next he’d be outside and back and forth it went for most of the year. While it might have been dizzying for some, Moats took it all in stride.

Now in the new 4-3 system the staff has decided to work him on the strong side in the base defense and as a ‘mike’ or MLB in the team’s nickel package. He’s even seen some reps as the ‘mike’ in the team’s dime package. Moats has embraced it all with the goal to be a major contributor and teammate that can be looked to for leadership.

“I feel like in this role right now, I am kind of on the brink of becoming a leader on this defense,” Moats told “I am more vocal now when I am playing the linebacker position and it is only going to help me become a leader. My goal this year is to be more of a leader and make more plays.”

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