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Anderson not conceding to Mario

Posted by Chris Brown on June 26, 2012 – 8:00 am

Last week we told you how Mario Williams claimed to lay down the law to his former and once again current teammate Mark Anderson about who would have more sacks come season’s end in 2012. Anderson took the time to respond.

After Williams told the media that he’s already explained to Anderson that he would be the more productive end in terms of quarterback takedowns, Anderson had a response of his own when asked about it by the media, though he was a bit more diplomatic.

“We will see when it is all said and done,” said Anderson. “It is going to be a fun competition and we are both competitive guys. We are just going to feed off of each other and the best man will win.”

Anderson said he knew what he was in for when he signed with the Bills and became Williams teammate a second time.

“I had experience playing with him in Houston,” Anderson said. “I know what type of player he is. I know what type of jokes he has on and off the field. I already knew what I was getting myself into with Mario.”

Personally I think with all the attention that Williams is going to draw from opposing offenses that Anderson could wind up being the pass rusher with more sacks come season’s end because he’ll have more one-on-one opportunities.

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