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Byrd’s advice to rookies

Posted by Chris Brown on June 26, 2012 – 9:49 am

This week is the NFL’s Rookie Symposium in Canton, Ohio where the league’s newest class of talent is being schooled on the do’s and don’ts on a successful career. Bills safety Jairus Byrd, who made the rounds at ESPN in Bristol, CT Monday had some advice to offer rookies on NFL32OT.

“When I came into the league one of the good things I was told to me was to be a student of the game,” said Byrd. “A lot of times coming in from college you have a lot more free time, but it’s important to be a student of the game because the talent level picks up and everybody is good at this level. One of the things that I would tell the rookies is to just listen to the veterans and make sure that you soak up all the knowledge that you can from them because they’ve been there and done it before.”

Byrd also had the added benefit of having a two-time Pro Bowl cornerback for a father in Gill Byrd.

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