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Worry not about Eric Wood

Posted by Chris Brown on July 3, 2012 – 8:58 am

In preparation for our examination in our Top 25 questions until training camp, as to whether Eric Wood can return to form coming off the second major leg injury of his career, we spoke to Wood about his outlook. Beyond being positive about his situation it was extremely clear that his dedication to the game and his teammates will virtually ensure that he’ll be back to what he was.

“Going through this before people ask me all the time, ‘How do you go through this?’ And I’m like, ‘I’ve already done this,’” said Wood. “Although it’s not fun being in the training room every day it’s your job and it’s kind of the way you’ve got to approach it. There are much worse things to be doing in the world than rehabbing to come back and do your dream job. So that’s kind of the way I approach it day in and day out.”

Wood was frustrated by his up and down play in 2010 coming off his compound leg fracture injury and is determined to be far more consistent with an ACL injury that he deems easier to return from than the leg break. So he’s dead set on maintaining a level of play that doesn’t drop off at all.

“I can’t do what I did coming back from the leg break where I’d have a good week and a bad week,” he said. “That’s not what you do as an offensive lineman. You can keep your job at receiver having good weeks and bad weeks, but at O-line you’ve got to be consistent and hopefully I’ll work through training camp to get to that point.”

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