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Fewer injuries for rookies?

Posted by Chris Brown on July 26, 2012 – 6:13 am

Last summer with no offseason contact or practice at 1 Bills Drive to the NFL lockout the coaches were very concerned that throwing the playes into a full workload would have led to widespread injury. Not only is that less of a concern coming off of OTAs and minicamp in the spring, but the Bills took it a step further with their rookies.

By having the rookies report to 1 Bills Drive on July 9th they were able to put them through the physical paces to properly prepare for the rigors of training camp and reduce the likelihood of injury for players that have yet to experience the NFL demands leading up to the regular season.

Head coach Chan Gailey still remembers how reduced the reps had to be for everybody coming out of the lockout last summer in order to reduce the risk of injury with players having a long layoff.

“You were dealing with a totally different thought process about how to get your team ready,” said Gailey. “We could not go out and practice six snaps in a row with anybody the first week or so. We kind of worked everybody in and took three snaps. The next four practices everybody took four snaps and went a couple more practices then went to five snaps until we could build up their endurance and their football playing. They had not done anything football wise in the offseason. It was a totally different situation than we are in this year. This is a much better way to do it.”

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