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Fitz’s wheels getting respect

Posted by Chris Brown on July 28, 2012 – 9:09 am

Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t tuck it and run very much during training camp practices, but he is a pretty mobile quarterback when he needs to be. Apparently some Bills rookies that haven’t been exposed to Fitz’s scrambles were a bit surprised by his foot speed.

In Friday’s practice during 11-on-11, Fitzpatrick finding no one open had to tuck it and run. He busted to the left sideline and was able to get an angle to the sideline to avoid what under live conditions would’ve been a hit from Bryan Scott and rookie cornerback Ron Brooks.

Brooks, who is among the fleetest cornerbacks on the roster was impressed with Fitz’s foot speed. As Fitz headed back to the offensive huddle after the play and passed by Brooks the rookie asked him the following.

“Where’d you get them wheels?”

Fitz just smirked.

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