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RDE-LT observation

Posted by Chris Brown on July 31, 2012 – 9:34 am

With the starting left tackle role changing daily between Chris Hairston and Cordy Glenn there’s one thing that needs to be considered… who each of them is facing.

What’s interesting is the starting RDE position is also rotating daily between Chris Kelsay and Mark Anderson.

Through the first four days of practice when Hairston has started at left tackle, Anderson has started at right defensive end.

When Glenn is the starting LT he’s gone against Kelsay.

Knowing Anderson is the more accomplished pass rusher and Kelsay more of an all-around player, one could argue that Hairston has had a bit more of a challenge in the passing game work. However, Glenn has had his hands full with Kelsay.

One would think who candidates for a starting job go against in practice would be taken into account in deciding which player is the man for the job.

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