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Bicknell move to WRs coach huge

Posted by Chris Brown on August 1, 2012 – 10:12 am

While most are aware of the value in hiring David Lee as the team’s quarterbacks coach, the under the radar move that could be instrumental in helping to lift the Bills passing game to new heights is the shift in duties for assistance Bob Bicknell.

A former coordinator in NFL Europe and a former O-line and tight ends coach, Bicknell is now in charge of the wide receivers. The benefit of Bicknell’s coaching is his ability to teach the offense as a whole to the receiving corps instead of just their assignments. He’s also been able to offer Ryan Fitzpatrick some alternatives on plays that could present better solutions to getting those plays more effectively executed.

“I’m pretty set in my ways in terms of how I want them to run routes and Bob offers a different view of that,” Fitzpatrick told “So we’ve changed a few things that he wanted to tweak and try out and some things that worked well in OTAs, that maybe I didn’t see the same way. There’s a positive communication between he and the receiver unit that makes it a lot better for the guys. They respect him and listen to what he’s saying and they’re attentive in meetings.”

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