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Jim Kelly contest winners

Posted by on August 8, 2012 – 3:24 pm

In honor of former quarterback Jim Kelly’s 10 year anniversary of his enshrinement into the Pro Football  Hall of Fame, we held a contest for Bills fans to share their favorite Jim Kelly memory. The grand prize winner will win a Jim Kelly autographed gameday program from 2002!

We are pleased to announce the grand prize winner, Dave Reed who shared this story with us:

It all started in 1991. I was one of the chosen few who won a trip to Jim’s Camp on the Jim Kelly show. While at his camp, my roommate and I heard a knock on the door while we were in bed for ”lights out.” Afraid of having to pick a leaf for being out bed, timidly we answered it. There before us stood Jim Kelly and other Bills greats. He told us to get out of bed, get dressed and come with them. Not knowing where we were headed, Jim took us to the common room and ate Pizza with us while we watched boxing.  I would loved to have posted about his leadership on the field, or his amazing 4 peat Super Bowl run, but it was his class off the field that won me over as being a Jim Kelly die-hard fan! Thank you for that moment Jim. I will never forget it.

Runners up are:

Scott Obrien

I know Jim Kelly was awesome on the field, but off the field, his son Hunter and I were fighting for our lives around the same time. I”m not even sure who got me the memorabilia from Jim…but he did sign a poster for me and it read: ”keep fighting Scott…all the best, Jim” …Jim Kelly is a fighter and became the great person he is today still because of his son Hunter and inspired me to fight and become a better person too. I have been cancer-free for 12 years now! How time flies, but the memories of great people
hang around for many years!

Emily Hess

Summer of ‘95, my 6 month old was in a full body cast.  We are diehard fans of Jim and never missed a training camp.  This particular year was extra special because Jim came
driving up to us in his golf cart.  He held my daughter and genuinely asked what happened to her.  He signed her full body cast down her leg and we still have that cast!  Thanks Jim!

Dana Williams

While many will claim certain victories or Super Bowl or playoff games, my favorite Jim Kelly memory is being in the stands on September 7, 1986 for his first regular season home game with the team.  The roar of the crowd and the electrifying excitement when Kelly was introduced is something I will never forget.  It was the exact point you knew, as a Bills fan, that the tide was turning and the team was turning into a winner.  When he connected with Andre Reed for a long touchdown pass, I just knew we were watching something special develop before our eyes between the two players.  Even though the game was a loss, this Kelly moment will forever be etched in my mind, and I remember it every time I watch a game at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Thank you fans for entering this exciting contest!

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