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RGIII already thinking about Dareus

Posted by Chris Brown on August 8, 2012 – 9:12 am

Washington QB Robert Griffin III was asked about wanting to get his first NFL hits from defensive players out of the way in his first preseason game against the Bills. If Griffin had it his way he wouldn’t take any hits.

“To be honest, if I don’t get hit in the preseason, I would be very OK with that,” Griffin III told the DC Examiner. “It’s football, you play it and hits are going to hurt. Sometimes guys are going to unload on you. You just have to be ready for that. I am not going to go in the game saying, ‘I hope Marcell Dareus hits me as hard as he possibly can.’ That’s not going to come out of my mouth. I look forward to going out there and playing. If I get hit, I get hit. If I don’t, thank God.”

Someone might want to remind the Heisman trophy winner that there are few other guys to worry about on that Bills defensive line besides just Dareus.

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