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Fitz’s popular mechanics

Posted by Chris Brown on August 12, 2012 – 7:30 pm

Ever since the Bills hired QBs coach David Lee, Ryan Fitzpatrick’s lower body mechanics have been a popular topic among Bills fans. With some of the best completion percentage and accuracy marks in practices this past spring, Fitz is expected to take his game to another level this fall. asked Fitzpatrick how he fared with his mechanics in the first preseason game.

A quarterback can practice and rep new throwing mechanics all they want in the practice setting, but live fire is the real test as to whether the motor memory has stuck. Fitzpatrick said after reviewing the game tape with coach Lee that he did pretty well.

“My feet were fine I guess,” said Fitzpatrick. “There wasn’t a drastic, ‘Oh no he fell into bad habits.’ My footwork and stuff was fine. David Lee and I talked about it after the game there was one little thing I did on a play. Again we have a method now and it was ‘You put your foot too far here.’ It was something we could correct on the sideline. Very minor. That being said again it’s a preseason game but the defense was coming at you so it was good to see that I didn’t fall back into old habits.”

The Bills will face another team with a formidable pass rush in the Minnesota Vikings on Friday night.

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