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Fitz on offensive leadership

Posted by Chris Brown on August 13, 2012 – 9:47 am

Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is obviously one of the team’s offensive leaders, but he outlined where else the leadership lies on his side of the ball.

Fitz mentioned three players in particular on offense that other players look to for leadership on offense.

“Stevie’s a guy that we look to on this team, we’ve looked to in the last two years to make the big play when we need it,” said Fitzpatrick. “When things aren’t going well I’m going to throw him a ball and hopefully get us a first down and help get us out of it.

“Fred obviously being another one of those guys. He can get us going with his emotional play on the field. I think he knows and understands that that’s his role and he’s got a big influence in terms of what we do.

“Eric Wood is another guy. When he’s in the huddle in practice there’s a little bit different feel to the huddle just because of his intensity and his leadership. So it’s good to get all these guys back on the field and we’re going to be heading in the right direction and I think we have the right people.”

What’s interesting is while everyone noticed the loss that Fred Jackson was for the team from a performance and emotional leadership standpoint, the leadership of Wood kind of went by the board. That offensive line often looks to him for a jump start. Not having him certainly had a detrimental impact from a leadership standpoint last season as well.

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