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Brad Smith on Wildcat

Posted by Chris Brown on August 14, 2012 – 10:23 am had a chance to talk with Brad Smith a day after the first Wildcat installation plays went in at practice early this week. Smith is excited knowing there’s far better preparation to execute elements of that package this year as opposed to last.

“We got a good start on it, some things that coach has put in, and like any other play in any other scheme you’ve got to work on it so it was good to get it in and get the guys moving and get the timing down and everything so it was good for us,” said Smith.

Last year with the NFL lockout, Smith was signed as a free agent right as training camp opened and had to wait a week by rule before he was allowed to practice. It compromised the degree to which they could make use of Smith in the offense last season.

To this point Smith has lined up solely as a quarterback and kick returner as well as the signal caller on punt team. But eventually Chan Gailey says Smith will also line up at receiver.

“We want to keep giving him quarterback,” said Gailey. “He’ll be the third quarterback going into the season so he’s got to know the offense to finish a game. So we’ve got to give him enough where he’s comfortable, about as comfortable as he can get taking as many limited reps as he’s taking. We’ve got to get him that before we take him to receiver.”

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