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McGee’s lengthy routine

Posted by Chris Brown on August 22, 2012 – 7:20 am

While Terrence McGee may be finally ready to see some game action this weekend against Pittsburgh, there are a lot of things that fans don’t see when it comes to players’ efforts to get themselves ready for work on the practice field every day. For players coming off long rehabs like Terrence McGee it is a lengthy process just to get his surgically repaired knee ready for the daily work of practice.

“Some days are better than other days, but I’ve got to get out here 30 to 45 minutes before practice just to warm it up just to be able to practice,” McGee told after practice Tuesday. 

McGee is often warming his knee up on the stationary bike. After participating in individual position drills with his teammates, McGee will often step to the sideline and work ladder drills with strength and conditioning coach Eric Ciano for 15-20 minutes. Then he’ll re-insert himself into practice and get some team work in.

He’s been running primarily with the second team defense at his familiar left cornerback position.

“You’ve got up and down days, but for the most part I’ve seen some progress with it,” he said.

As for seeing action this weekend McGee is still awaiting word, but knows he’ll see game action either this Saturday or the following Thursday.

“They haven’t said anything yet, so I wouldn’t count it out and I wouldn’t say yes,” he said.

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