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Incompletions due partly to miscommunication

Posted by Chris Brown on August 26, 2012 – 1:17 am

Ryan Fitzpatrick was just 7-18 passing including a stretch of 2-8 for 24 yards in the second quarter when Buffalo’s offense ground to a halt. As the saying goes the quarterback gets too much of the blame when things go wrong and that was the case as Chan Gailey saw it.

Four of those six incompletions in the second quarter were due to misccomunication from Gailey’s view of it.

“I think I am going to see the same thing on the film that I saw out there,” said Gailey. “Some guys did not go to the right places for (Fitzpatrick). We have to make sure that we get guys going in the right places for him. He saw it and I thought that he was going to the right place (with the ball). We just have to keep working on the little things that we were doing well last year. If we can keep people off of him, I think we will be fine. He got hit too much tonight. There were too many people around him.”

When asked for specifics Gailey explained.

“We had somebody stop on a route,” said Gailey. “We had somebody think that it was going to be down the field when it was a back shoulder, stop throw. We have to keep working on getting on the same page on those things like that.”

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