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Nix on Jackson’s strengths

Posted by Chris Brown on August 27, 2012 – 4:18 pm

The Bills newest quarterback, Tarvaris Jackson, is known as a mobile and athletic talent. Here’s what Buddy Nix chose to peg as Jackson’s strengths as a QB.

“He’s a strong-armed guy, good athlete,” said Nix. “He’s played good like I say at times. He throws the deep ball well and a big, strong guy that we think athletically can do what we need to do.”

Nix realizes that Jackson’s physical attributes might not look all that different from those of Vince Young, but with Young things just didn’t pan out.

“Some of the things we do don’t work out like you want them to, but if you don’t keep trying to improve and get better you probably won’t,” he said.

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