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Respect for Mario

Posted by Chris Brown on September 5, 2012 – 2:50 pm

Jets head coach Rex Ryan isn’t thrilled to see Mario Williams in his division, but he did manage to find a silver lining after the Bills signed him in free agency.

“I was like, ‘Oh no, please don’t, please don’t,'” Ryan recalled. “But you know what, in a way it was funny because I was like, ‘Oh great, if we can survive the two weeks against him, it would be a positive that he gets to go hit Tom Brady.’ So I thought that was a real positive. It is kind of exciting to get great football players within the division, there’s no doubt. Obviously you wish those players were on your team, but the fact that he went to Buffalo, it’s like, ‘Oh boy.’

“He’s a tremendous football player…I can tell you this, our tackle’s probably not sleeping very well this week, there’s no doubt. I know I wouldn’t be if I had to go against him.”

The Jets starting right tackle this week is Austin Howard, a former practice squad player of the Ravens, signed by the Jets last season. He does not have an NFL start on his resume.

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