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Tops Bills recipe of the week

Posted by on September 6, 2012 – 4:38 pm

What better way to show your team spirit than by baking a Bills cake for all to enjoy?

Tops has all the ingredients you need to bake a Bills cake, plus has shared this Bills recipe of the week.

Here’s the recipe for the cake above:

Ingredients Needed:

12 or 24 Yellow or Chocolate Cupcakes

Brill Red Icing                                                                     Richs Perfect Finish

Brill Signature Icing                                                          Richs Red

Brill Brilliant Blue Icing                                                    Richs Blue

Buffalo Bills Edible Image


  1. Place 12 or 24 cupcakes on board as shown.
  2. Using a coupler and white icing pipe in between cupcakes gluing them together.
  3. Using a coupler pipe red icing on top of cupcakes, smooth with spatula.
  4. Place edible image on center of helmet.
  5. Using a #8 tip and red icing pipe around the helmet.
  6. Using a #8 tip and blue icing pipe on top blue strip.

Using a #8 tip and white icing pipe on white strip and mask.

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