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What Jets & Bills have up their sleeve

Posted by Chris Brown on September 8, 2012 – 5:21 pm

Week 1 is a rare opportunity for coaches in the NFL. With nothing on tape from previous games it’s the chance to make use of a new wrinkle or two on offense, defense or special teams that even a familiar division opponent might not expect. In our weekly conversation with Bills head coach Chan Gailey on, we asked him just how many surprises really exist for teams to pull over on their opponent in Week 1.

“There’s probably two or three things,” said Gailey. “You’re not going to stray too far from what you do best. But there are two or three things that we’ve added that we really like that we feel will help our offense as a whole, not just in this game, but in games down the line. There are some things that we haven’t shown. Our Wildcat, their Wildcat, they haven’t shown it either. So there will be some things that show up.”

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