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What Kyle told his teammates pre-game

Posted by Chris Brown on September 17, 2012 – 5:32 pm

Prior to a game that the Bills had to have, one of their defensive captains stood up and addressed his teammates. Here’s what Kyle Williams told the Buffalo locker room before kickoff.

After a poor overall performance in Week 1, Williams challenged his teammates to play physical, more physical than the opponent.

“Kyle (Williams) addressed the defense first in pregame and the entire team before we took the field that we have to have that mindset of being physical,” said Chris Kelsay. “We are not going to be pushed around. We are going to do the pushing around. If you can do that and everybody buys into it, then good things are in store for us. I think yesterday we were more physical.”

“There is playing to your potential and going out, trying to play dominant football, impose your will on somebody and intimidate somebody,” said Williams. “And there is a way of playing football of saying I just need to do my job. Not that it is timid, meek or anything like that but I just think the other way of football is a lot better.

“Obviously, from what you saw yesterday the other way is a lot better. It is a lot better for us and a lot better for our win column. It was really just challenging guys to play up to the potential we have; do not hide behind a piece of paper that says ‘hey, we have a good team on paper and everything is just going to fall in our lap.’ Everybody in the NFL has good players whether they are household names or not, they are in the NFL. They are in the NFL for a reason. So you have to make things happen. I think we did more of that yesterday.”

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