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Graham steps forward

Posted by Chris Brown on September 23, 2012 – 7:48 pm

Head coach Chan Gailey said in his one-on-one with on Saturday that it’s all about taking baby steps with T.J. Graham at receiver. On Sunday Graham took a pair of big steps in being a contributor on offense.

“Again T.J. stepping up, he made a couple of big plays,” said Ryan Fitzpatrick. “The touchdown was a great play, nobody covered him.”

Perhaps even bigger was his 3rd-and-9 conversion at the Browns 20-yard line. It was 17-14 at that point and the Bills needed to put some distance between themselves and Cleveland on the scoreboard. Fitzpatrick got the ball out to Graham in the flat and he deftly ducked behind a block from Scott Chandler to get past the first down marker. 

“The third down where we whipped the ball out to him and he makes a nice cut off a block and picks it up on 3rd-and-9,” said Fitzpatrick. “He stepped up and did some good things for us today. Like I said last week with him every week we’ve got to get him a few more plays, a few more plays and he’s got to continue to get confidence and play well.”

For Graham it’s a welcome opportunity to be called upon in crunch time like that in light of where he was just a few short months ago.

“All camp I would always get asked after every play, did you know the down and distance,” said Graham. “And I would say,I don’t even know the play.  Now that I understand the plays a lot more, I can focus on those things.  I knew it was a big, crucial play, that we had to get s first down, so I kind of had an awareness to get to the sticks.”

Suffice to say it’s progress.

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