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BDC 10/2: Bills Rookies Visit Museum

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–The Buffalo Bills have teamed up with the Buffalo Museum of Science and the NFL Play 60 Initiative to highlight the new exhibit The Science of Sports at the Buffalo Museum of Science. Bills rookies will visit the exhibit along with the 5th and 6th graders of Lydia T. Wright School of Excellence (BPS #89). The Science of Sports opened September 29 and will run through January 6, 2013. The exhibit explores the science behind Buffalo’s favorite sports. Aside from being competitive, sports are a complex equation of math, physics and biology. Learn why Science is the M.V.P. on any field, rink, diamond or court.  This family-friendly exhibit focuses on the science behind football, hockey, baseball, golf, sports medicine, concussions, and more. Media availability is from 10:00-11:00am.

Head Coach Chan Gailey
On having to play San Francisco with an offensive line that is not at full health:
It is not your ideal situation obviously, but we have guys that we have a comfort level with that have played in games. Maybe we are ahead of the game compared to two years ago.

On what adjustments could have been made Sunday:
We tried to play eight in the box and they were still running the football, so we have got to make sure we play more on their side of the line of scrimmage. We played on our side of the line of scrimmage too much. We have to play the game more on their side of the line of scrimmage. We have to create more penetration, get the linebackers more downhill and things like that. That is the one thing you can do to create a difference. If (when) we play them again, that would be our thought process. How can we play more on their side of the line of scrimmage?

On if the base defense was a mismatch against New England:
It is, but you have to choose what you want (the Patriots) to do there because you do not match up nearly as well.

On his satisfaction with the defensive game plan:
That was fine. I am fine with it. I have complete confidence in Dave (Wannstedt), what they are trying to do and where we have our people situated. That is the majority of it, is where do you have your people situated. We have our people in the right spots. We are sound. We just have to continue to get better. We have to be able to stop the run—which we did for two games and we did not for two games. I think we are capable of doing that.

On how to stop a team’s running game when they have a good passing offense as well:
That is a concern and that is where you have to weigh who do you put in there, how do you play your ends, how do you play your tackles and how much do you blitz to try to offset some of that. We know the problems. How do you try to offset some of that?

On his thoughts on the defense, which was thought to be improved coming into the season:
After a game like that, you are dissatisfied with a lot of things. Let’s not just pick out one thing. There are several things you can pick out. We are still a team. We all depend on each other. You cannot turn it over and expect them to hold it out every time. In the first half, we turned it over and they kept them from getting scores. It all works together and I think that is some things I have to work on the mindset for this football team and creating a sense of urgency every snap of every game.

On his assessment of DT Marcell Dareus:
I think he has become a lot better football player than he was last year. I really do. He had lapses yesterday, just like a lot of people had lapses yesterday. We have to get everybody at that high level every snap. That goes back to what I was alluding to earlier, a sense of urgency every snap of every game.

On a veteran player saying you have to stay on Dareus:
I do not see that, and again, I am not hands on with that side of the ball as much. So I do not see it. I watch it and I see it from afar more than I do hands on. I know his production has been pretty good this year. That is a lot of what I go by. The stuff on the side, there has been, to be honest with you, a lot going on in his life this year. I hate to evaluate all of that by this year.

On why turnovers seem to be contagious for this team:
No. I wish I could (point to something), but I cannot. A lot of those happened late, especially with the interceptions when (Ryan Fitzpatrick) is trying to make something happen down the field—which I do not like, but I understand a little bit. But we have not been a team that fumbles and we fumbled twice the other day. You cannot fumble against a good team at the one yard line and expect to have a good finish to a game.

On if the turnovers are the main reason the offense has not been consistent:
I think you have to say what is consistency? To me, the turnovers have been the thing that has been the most inconsistent, by far the most inconsistent. Everything else has been kind of on par. It has just been the inconsistency factor of turning the ball over so much, which we do not want to do. We do not like to do. We talk about not doing it. We have had way too many.

On the health of the running backs going against San Francisco:
It is very important. We need to have all hands on deck to win this one. We need as many guys out there. This is another big game. Then next week will be another big game. They all are big. There is, what, 10 teams with a winning record right now and after night there will be 10 teams. All the rest of us are kind of piled up in there. You have to start to separate yourself at some point during the season.      


Bills FS Jairus Byrd recorded two forced fumbles in Sunday’s game versus New England and recovered one of them. Byrd also finished with five tackles. Along with 14 career interceptions, Byrd now has 18 takeaways in his NFL career.

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