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Mario: Fans have a right to be angry

Posted by Chris Brown on October 2, 2012 – 2:08 pm

Appearing on the Bruce Smith show by phone down in Virginia Beach, Mario Williams said the fans have a right to be angry after their performance against New England last Sunday.

“I definitely have experienced the passion of the fans good and bad,” Williams told Smith. “We win a couple of games and it’s a lot different atmosphere where the city is chattering. And after this last game it’s definitely different and when we don’t do what we’re supposed to they have every right to be upset.

“This city has been looking for a winning team and getting to the playoffs since you guys played. They definitely have every right to feel that way. It’s on us to make it happen and go out and win games. What happened this past weekend can’t happen. It’s definitely not going to get us where we want to be. On defense if we don’t handle sudden change and play sound… we’ve got to get that done.”

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