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Mario: missed tackles cost us

Posted by Chris Brown on October 2, 2012 – 1:56 pm

After reviewing the game tape on Monday DE Mario Williams cited one area of the defensive effort that was sorely lacking in the loss to the Patriots.

Appearing on the Bruce Smith show by phone down in Virginia Beach, Williams pointed to the team’s inconsistent tackling as a big culprit in being unable to stop the Patriots’ offense in the second half.

“After watching film we had good success in the first half. We got off the field without giving them a touchdown and they missed a couple of field goals,” Williams said. “In the second half we didn’t handle the four turnovers very well. When there’s a turnover we have to respond to those sudden changes and aid the offense it’s a team game. When there’s a sudden change we have to go out and execute.

“Those 28 points off turnovers are on us. We have to answer the bell and stop their momentum. That’s something that we didn’t do. For whatever reason we had the most missed tackles in a game this season. In fact there were more than in the first three games combined. We also weren’t in the proper gaps and not playing the scheme right across the board.”

Williams said when the Bills defense started having trouble stopping the Patriots, some guys tried to do too much on defense in an effort to make a play and compromised the scheme as a result.

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