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Fan Friday 10-5

Posted by Chris Brown on October 5, 2012 – 12:01 pm

Here is the latest edition of questions from you the fan at and @ChrisBrownBills on twitter. Keep the questions coming.

1 – CB, 

Dickerson has been active for every game yet his snap count is a bit low. Besides his play near the goal line in the KC game he hasn’t touched the ball much. Will he ever be on the line as a potential receiver or catch out of the backfield. Why hasn’t Chan used him when they line up in the pistol or I-FORM?  He has more speed and hands than Corey.  


CB: I believe Dickerson’s role will gradually increase. He had a nice play against New England this past week. As long as he can keep making positive plays when he gets opportunities, he’ll likely see more of the ball. Chan Gailey has proven he doesn’t mind spreading the ball around and Fitz doesn’t discriminate either. I just think it’s going to take some time for a true role for him to evolve.

2 – Hi Chris, thank you for your time

With the Bills cutting Moorman in favor of Powell, is there a chance that if/when John Potter is ready to kick field goals that Rian Lindell could be gone too? I am wondering if the Bills want a new special teams duo for the next decade like the 2000s with Moorman and Lindell. I guess that would be Powell and Potter.

from Bill

CB: I don’t see this happening. First and foremost Lindell is the most accurate kicker in team history and he’s a more accurate kicker than Potter, who the Bills see strictly as a kickoff specialist. Outside of a 60-yard attempt at the end of a half or game, I don’t expect to see Potter lining up for field goals at all this season. Lindell just signed a four-year extension in the offseason. He’s not going to be released.

3 – Chris,
Why has Kirk Morrison been inactive first 4 weeks of season? They re-signed him this offseason to be the starter and now it seems as if he isn’t even good enough to rotate in on a weekly basis.
Thanks for all the good info Chris

Bills season ticket holder from PA

CB: I think what you saw unfold at the SLB position was an unforeseen circumstance. The defensive staff felt they needed a veteran answer at that spot. Someone that was proven in the league because the coaches did not yet know exactly what younger players like Arthur Moats and Nigel Bradham could offer.

Come training camp however, it became quickly evident that Moats could be a solid contributor there and he won the starting job. Furthermore, players like Bradham and Chris White are faster linebackers that offer more value on special teams in coverage, so on game days they’re often active instead of Morrison as well even though they rarely see the field on defense.

Morrison is valuable depth to have on your roster, and though most outsiders saw him as a starter when he was re-signed, when young players step up and perform it changes things.

4 – Hi Chris,

I haven’t read anything about how Tavaris Jackson is doing at practice and how close he is to becoming active on game day and eventually the Bills #2 QB.  Can you provide an update?

displaced Bills fan in St. Louis

CB: Hopefully you saw my blog post last week on Tarvaris Jackson’s status. In a nutshell, due to the lack of opportunity to get snaps in the practice setting when the focus is on getting the starting QB ready for Sunday’s game, there is no way for Jackson to effectively acclimate himself to the team’s offensive system since he can’t rep it on the field with players on the roster.

The timing of the signing did not offer an advantageous learning environment for Jackson to absorb and understand the scheme to the point where he could challenge for the backup job. Chan Gailey told me he doesn’t expect Tyler Thigpen to be unseated this season because of those circumstances.

That might beg the question, why didn’t they just keep Vince Young. The reason why is with the time Young spent in this offense repping it and getting preseason game opportunities it was evident to them that he wasn’t a good fit from a mental processing perspective. This is not an easy offense to execute knowing it’s based on a timing passing game.

The QB has to know where he’s going with the ball prior to the snap most of the time. Young struggled mightily in this area and convinced the coaching staff he would not be able to effectively execute it and move the ball.

5 – Chris,
Will the Bills be staying on the West Coast between the SF and Arizona games? It would seem to make sense, and SF did it this past week. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the team!

CB: As you have probably already seen the Bills will be staying in Phoenix for the week leading up to the Cardinals game. They’ll be flying directly to Phoenix after the Niners game instead of back east to Buffalo. Chan Gailey actually consulted Jim Harbaugh on this since the Niners did it last season and just recently this season with road games in Minnesota and at the Jets. They went 1-1 on the trip. I believe they stay in Columbus, Ohio.

They feel there’s a benefit for the players’ bodies and readiness by avoiding a second cross country flight and re-adjusting to the time change a second time in five days.

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