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Wood: We’ve got to play more steady

Posted by Chris Brown on October 9, 2012 – 1:25 am

Bills C Eric Wood watched tape with the rest of his teammates in the aftermath of Sunday’s disappointing result. Afterwards he was asked if he knew Bills fans were depressed and upset. Wood said it’s obvious why they feel that way.

“I guarantee they are. They have a right to be (upset),” said Wood. “We are upset. We are ticked off. That is unbelievable the records we are setting. We are breaking National Football League records. How long has the game been around and we are just laying an egg right now. You hate to say ‘Oh we are not far away,’ when you get beat 45-3, but we got the ball trying to tie it up in the second quarter when it is 10-3. It was 3-0 and we were going in to score and had a dropped pass right near the end zone. We could be up 7-3 right there. We are just riding too much with momentum right now. When the momentum is down, we are really going in the tank. We have to play more steady.”

Wood said the majority of their problem is execution with blame to go all the way around.

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