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C.J. & Fred sharing in game info

Posted by Chris Brown on October 12, 2012 – 11:25 am

C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson have been faced with the challenge of trying to get in the flow of the game on limited carries as they’ve split the workload down the middle. It’s made it harder for both of them to set up defenders on run plays later in the game because individually they’re not on the field long enough. But Fred and C.J. have come up with a solution.

Jackson and Spiller communicate with one another on the sideline between series, so if they’re rotating every other series the back that’s next to go in knows exactly what the defense is showing them.

“That’s the way we have to do it,” said Jackson. “We’re constantly talking about what we see out there or what we saw on a certain play. I’m constantly telling him, ‘Hey these linebackers are doing this or that.’ Or ‘This D-lineman is playing this.’ And C.J. is constantly doing the same with me. That’s one of the ways we can each stay in the game and it’s one of the ways we’re trying to take advantage of things.”

According to Jackson, what’s even more important is converting third downs so drives last longer and they each get more carries in the game.

“We only had 45 plays last week and nobody is going to get the ball this week if we have drives that are done in three and outs and things like that,” he said. “We have to make a play whenever we’re called upon, whether we get the ball five or six times or 20 or 25 times. The best thing we can do is try and make a play when we’re out there.”

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