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Rich Gannon on Fitz

Posted by johnmurphyshow on October 18, 2012 – 1:52 pm

He spent 17-years as an NFL quarterback, and since then, Rich Gannon has made his mark as an analyst on the NFL on CBS.  He’ll be in town this weekend to call the Bills-Titans game with Marv Levy.

Gannon was a guest on The John Murphy Show last night, and he had several insightful comments regarding  Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.  He says Fitzpatrick may be getting lazy with his footwork in the pocket.

“He’s got to do a number of things better,” Gannon told John Murphy.  “At times, when I study him, I think he gets lazy in the pocket with his feet.  I think he’s got to have a better sense of urgency.  At times, he’s late with throws and then he rushes his mechanics. If you really study him, and I think it goes back to the first game.  A lot of times when he misses throws, he misses behind the receiver.  So I look at footwork,  I look at his anticipation and getting the ball out earlier and not being late with his eyes, and to start his arm earlier.  Those are things I see over and over with this guy.  He can be a very efficient player.  He’s a guy that gets rid of the ball quick, he understands what’s going on.  At times he looks like a really strong player and other times he struggles.  If he can eliminate the bad plays and just kinda function in the offense this team has a chance to be pretty good.”

“One thing that I’m not seeing much of, and I would encourage it if I was working with Ryan, is I’m not seeing him use his legs enough.  I remember him in Cincinnati, I remember him in Buffalo early last year, really running around, making some plays with his legs, extending plays, making first downs with his legs, moving the chains.  He’s very capable.  And that’s what I mean when I say he’s getting lazy a little bit with his feet in the pocket,” Gannon continued.

Gannon was known for making the most of his talent during his NFL career, finding a way to go to four Pro Bowls, and taking the  Raiders to the Super Bowl in January 2003.  And he can identify with the Bills’ Fitzpatrick.

“He’s never going to be a Tom Brady or an Aaron Rodgers,   but there are a lot of us that weren’t.  I didn’t have that type of a gun either, but I found a way to get by and be efficient–to have your eyes in the right place and to eliminate half the field, and step up in the pocket and get the ball out earlier.”

“This guy is a talented player,” Gannon says.  “I ‘m not saying he’s a top five quarterback or a Pro Bowl player, but  he can be very effective in that system, because he understands it, he’s smart, he can do those things.  But he’s got to do the little things as well. You can’t get by not being at the top of your game, the competition is too good.  When everything’s in place, when the offensive line is playing well, when C.J. and Fred are running the ball and the defense is playing well, the Bills can be a good team.”

Here’s a link to the podcast of The John Murphy Show last night:

The John Murphy Show airs weeknights from 7-9pm on the flagship station of the Buffalo Bills, WGR Sports Radio 550.

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