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New CBA restricts bye week work

Posted by Chris Brown on October 22, 2012 – 9:04 am

With the new CBA the bye week for NFL players is truly a bye week now.

Most head coaches would try to get two or three practices in before giving the players off for the weekend. Now under the new CBA language coaches can only practice players once during the bye week, which for the Bills will be on Wednesday.

“You’d like to get two or three practices in if you possibly can to work on some things that you haven’t been able to work on, install some things that you’d like to look at and to see some people that you would like to see,” said Gailey. “But with really only one legitimate practice and that being on Wednesday it’s hard to get a lot of those things done. It really is now a bye week and the players get time off. Even the coaches are going to take a couple of days off.”

Buffalo’s one practice this week is scheduled for Wednesday.

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