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Why no two-point conversion tries

Posted by Chris Brown on October 22, 2012 – 10:51 am

Bills head coach Chan Gailey explained why after Buffalo’s two third quarter touchdown drives he chose not to go for the two-point conversion to tie the score or go up by seven.

“In general through the years, I have felt like you do not go for two until you get to the 10, 11 minute mark of the fourth quarter,” said Gailey. “I thought the way the scoring was going there was going to be quite a few other opportunities either way if we needed to do that. You do not know. It was still in the third quarter when we scored. I never have done that. I always have felt like you wait till the end to see if you need it.

“I’ve just seen too many times where it gets out of whack if you try it too quick.”


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