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Kyle gives good defensive perspective

Posted by Chris Brown on October 24, 2012 – 3:55 pm

Bills DT Kyle Williams is considered one of the sharper players on the defensive side of the ball, when it comes to anticipating things from an opposing offenses and reading keys. So it was interesting to get his take on the deficiencies with Buffalo’s defense concerning their inconsistent play.

“I think guys are playing hard, but there’s a difference between playing hard and playing fast,” said Williams. “What I mean by that is you play fast with your eyes. Do you know what you’re looking at? Do you know what to expect? Defense can’t be predicated on one guy missing a gap and then we get gashed, which is what’s been happening.

“If you’re playing fast you can make up for those things. And it’s 11 guys playing fast. Everybody has to be playing fast to make up for it because you can go on any given play on any defense in the league, from the top ones that are giving up the least amount of yardage to the bottom and there are guys missing gaps. But the ones that aren’t giving up big plays, the ones that are shutting things down, they’re playing fast. When guys miss gaps people are making up for them.

“I think that’s really been our problem where we’ve been. I think guys are really, really worried about tuning in to their job, where they’re in their gap and staying there to make sure their job is done instead of playing fast and getting off of blocks and going and hit guys and get guys on the ground.”

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