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Stevie hopes Kelsay’s comments help

Posted by Chris Brown on October 24, 2012 – 5:02 pm

Bills DE Chris Kelsay, who after reviewing last week’s game tape said there were some players on defense that did not give 100 percent effort on every play, got some reaction in the Bills locker room Wednesday.

Stevie Johnson was asked for his thoughts on Kelsay’s comments and the Bills wideout was in support of them from a leadership perspective.

“I think with him being a leader of that side of the ball, I think it is relevant,” said Johnson. “I think it is all good words. I do not have a problem or an issue with it at all. Just hopefully, whoever he is talking to gets the picture or gets the message and we all can bring this thing together and go forward. I do not have an issue at all with what he said. I think if somebody on the offensive side said something like that, we all take it as a challenge and go for it. There was nobody that said it on the offensive side, but I think what (Chris) Kelsay said was good.”

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