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Texans DE Smith riling Mario

Posted by Chris Brown on November 1, 2012 – 3:24 pm

It might not prove to be the best course of action for his own team, but Houston DE Antonio Smith, a close friend of Mario Williams, has decided he’s going to try to rile up the Bills pass rusher for this week’s game.

Smith told the Houston Chronicle earlier this week that he planned to call Williams by phone.

“Houston fans, don’t get mad at me, but I’m going to pump him up too, talk all kind of (stuff),” Smith said. “I’m gonna tell him (offensive tackle) Duane Brown been talking bad about him. I’m gonna get him mad. I just want to see what happens.” asked Mario Williams after Thursday’s practice if Smith had called him.

“Yeah,” said Williams of his good friend and former teammate. “We talk almost every day.”

Williams explained that the two of them talk trash a lot and that there has already been some give and take. We’ll see if the chatter makes any difference on Sunday.

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