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Wannstedt: Blitzing is not the answer

Posted by johnmurphyshow on November 1, 2012 – 7:45 pm

They’ve spent the last week and a half looking for answers in the Buffalo Bills meeting rooms, in the film rooms, and on the practice field.

The Bills are determined to fix what’s wrong with the 31st ranked defense in the NFL, and determined to get it right before Sunday’s game in  Houston.

Defensive Coordinator Dave Wannstedt was a guest on The John Murphy Show Thursday night, and he talked about the Bills defensive struggle through the first seven games.   Wannstedt says his biggest hurdle is to get his players to be more consistent.

“The biggest thing we gotta do is we gotta be consistent at what we do,” Wannstedt said on the radio show.  “Whether it be third downs, or stopping the run   or rushing the passer—we have no consistency right now.  It’s one game up, one down.”

Some have wondered whether the Bills should be blitzing more to generate more pressure on opponent passers.  But Wannstedt says that’s not  always a great idea.

“Everybody talks about blitzing more. Well, you can blitz more.  In our thinking, you’ve got two rookie corners and every time you blitz, you’re leaving those corners alone. ”

“You can blitz the bad ones, you cover the good ones—that’s the way it is on defense,” Wannstedt continued.  ”

” At the end of the day, our bread and butter is our front four, and we’re gonna live and die with those guys.  And when they’re clicking and they’re cranking and they’re making plays, it makes up for a lot of problems, coverage wise, run-wise, everything.”

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