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Kelso on Texans running attack

Posted by johnmurphyshow on November 2, 2012 – 7:45 pm

He’s had a long look at the Houston Texans video.  And former Bills safety Mark Kelso knows what the Bills are up against, when they go up against Houston’s top flight running attack Sunday.

Kelso is the color analyst on the Bills radio network.  And during his regular Friday night appearance on The John Murphy Show, he was effusive in his praise of the simplicity and effectiveness of the Texans running game, featuring Arian Foster.

“Brutal efficiency personified—running the ball down people’s throats over and over again, without any answer,” Kelso said to describe Houston’s run game.  He says he came across that description when someone was linking the Texans running attack to the one run by the old Denver Broncos, when Houston’s Head Coach Gary Kubiak played and coached in the Mile High City.

“That’s what they do offensively. It’s efficient,” Kelso told John Murphy.  “Their offensive line is big, even in today’s NFL.  All their offensive linemen are big, with the exception of the center Myers.”

“What they do, is they run a stretch play or a slash play, and the running back Arian Foster is going to take the ball and run wide until he sees an opening, and then he’s going to plant his foot and accelerate.”

The Texans have the sixth ranked rushing attack in the NFL going into this week. And Foster’s 659 yards on the ground puts him fifth in the league in rushing, with nine touchdowns on the ground.

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