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BDC 11/5: Bills at Texans Recap

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–The Buffalo Bills were defeated by the Houston Texans 21-9 at Reliant Stadium in front of a crowd of 71,698. With the loss, the Bills record falls to 3-5 on the season. The Bills effectively moved the ball for most of the day, tallying 5.4 yards per play offensively, but saw three drives stall in the red zone and lead to K Rain Lindell field goal attempts. Lindell, who had successfully hit on his first five field goal attempts of the season, was three-of-four on the day—highlighted by a 38-yarder to end the first half. Along with Lindell, the Bills special team’s unit left their mark on the game, as DT Alex Carrington blocked his second field goal of the season in the second quarter. The blocked kick was the fourth of the third-year defensive tackle’s career. RB C.J. Spiller highlighted the Bills’ offensive attack, as he averaged 9.27 yards per touch while running the ball six times for 39 yards and catching five passes for 63 yards. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick aided the offensive’s effort completing 25-of-38 passes and 239 yards, including one streak in the first half where he strung together 11 straight completions. Fitzpatrick connected with six different receivers throughout the contest. The Bills front four generated pressure defensively, tallying six tackles for loss and two sacks—with DE Mario Williams and DE Kyle Moore each responsible for taking down Houston QB Matt Schaub. Williams was also the Bills leading tackler, recording seven. Schaub and RB Arian Foster led the way for Houston, with Schaub providing 268 yards through the air and two scores while Foster tallied 111 rushing yards and a touchdown.

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Chan Gailey
Ryan Fitzpatrick   

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Stevie Johnson – 4:00 PM

Head Coach Chan Gailey
(on his general thoughts on how they played) “You know we have to go back and watch the film but it looked like to me in general they turned their drives into touchdowns and we didn’t. We both played some plays during the course of the day, but they were able to get the ball in the end zone. We weren’t able to get the ball in the end zone. That’s the bottom line.” 

(on if he felt they played balanced throughout the third quarter) “They were playing seven big guys in the box against our three wide sets and you’re trying to run them out of that. You’re trying to throw the football to run them out of it and we weren’t able to do it. We had some passes that were dropped at times. We had some missed time penalties and it cost us offensively. We weren’t able to move it consistently and get in the end zone.”

(on if he feels they need to give RB C.J. Spiller the ball more often) “Yeah, we would like to and we got to try to do that on a more consistent basis. Some weeks are better than others and sometimes they take things away from you that you don’t think they’re going to do but they did. They surprised us with a defense we hadn’t seen very much and we had to alter. I got to do a better job of adjusting. ”

(on if the man coverage or rush against deep shots was the reason why they did not try more of them) “You know those are good and we like to try to take some shots deep but we do it more with overs and deep outs instead of just throwing a go down the field. We had a plan to do that coming back in the fourth quarter and do a couple of throws like that but we couldn’t get to it once we got behind. We had to go back in the shotgun and throw the football. ”

(on why they didn’t throw the ball into the end zone when they were in the red zone and if their play was conservative) “We had the calls to try to get in there we just couldn’t get them thrown in there like we normally do.”

(on if there was any consistent thing that made the Texans so effective defensively in the red zone) “It was just the combination of their pass rush and us not being able to get where we wanted to go with the ball. They did a good job of covering a couple of times and we weren’t able to get in there. I tried to run it a couple of times and we didn’t make any yards so now you’re behind the sticks. We normally throw the ball in the end zone down there but today we couldn’t get it thrown in there. ”

(on why he had WR Stevie Johnson coming out of the backfield and matched up on a linebacker but instead QB Ryan Fitzpatrick threw outside to RB Fred Jackson) “It was hot. They were throwing a juke route and it takes time for him to go work that guy and they brought zero blitz.”

(on if he feels hand strung in his ability to throw down field and get bigger chunk plays) “No I don’t think so, I wouldn’t say that. I think we’re better underneath. I think that’s what our guys do better so you try to let them do what they do best but to keep people honest, you do have to throw it down the field. I don’t know how many times we did or didn’t but we tried to throw a few just enough to keep them honest.”

(on if their defense had the ability to keep them in the game) “Yeah, they played hard. They played really, really hard today. We can build off of this defensively because that team was in the top five or six in most categories on both sides of the ball and their record is what it is for a reason. Our defense played hard and I thought they kept us in the ball game and gave us a chance.”

(on CB Aaron Williams’ injury situation) “I don’t know yet. I didn’t get a report.”

(on his thoughts on DE Mario Williams’ play today) “I don’t know I’ll have to watch the film. I don’t watch, I got my head buried over there sometimes in things that are going on offensively so I see bits and pieces. I think I saw him pressure a couple of times and make a couple of tackles out of the back field so it looked like he had a good game but I don’t know. I’ll have to watch the film.”

(on what WR Stevie Johnson’s health situation was today) “He got hit on the thigh. He kept trying it but in the end he just couldn’t go.”

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
(on RB C.J. Spiller having limited touches) “They did a nice job with the personnel they had in, basically taking us out of a lot of our three wide receiver run game.  They did a good job of that.  We tried to run a little bit early with two tights and they did a good job of taking that away.  We felt like we had a better chance getting the ball in the air a little bit, trying to go against those one on one matchups.  I mean the story of the day for us is we’ve got to get C.J. more touches.  I think everybody knows that and we’ve got to find ways to do that.  But really the story for us was just our inability to score touchdowns.  We had three field goals and another field goal attempt.  Something this team over the last few years has been good at is converting those drives into seven points, not three.  To me, that’s where our issue was today, not being able to get the seven points, driving it down the field and doing different things and not being able to convert.” 

(on what the Texans did to prevent them from converting)  “I think you always have to give credit to them, you know, the people you are going against.  It wasn’t anything new or anything we didn’t expect.  They just did a good job.  They are a tough team to face.”

(on the effectiveness of the Texans blitz) “The way that they blitz and even just their guys up front I mean, they’re very good.  We knew that coming into the game.  The amount of sacks, the quarterback hurries, hits, batted balls, and all that stuff has been talked about a lot with this team.  They’re as good as advertised up front and they did a good job with it today.”

(on why they didn’t take more shots downfield) “I threw a couple to (WR) Stevie (Johnson) and I think he was fighting out there.  He was hobbling a little bit after his third catch or whenever it was in the first half.  We didn’t do a bad job of driving the ball to their twenty.  It was when we got to their twenty that we really struggled.”

(on if the Texans were anticipating the run regarding the play at 3rd and two)  “Yeah, they were all up in there.  That was the play and it just didn’t work out.”

(on why they didn’t run the ball more) “I think with what they were doing, we thought that was the best way to counter that.  Unfortunately, we came out and got a slow start in the second half and that’s not what we needed.  I thought we had a little bit of momentum at the end of the half there, being able to stop them and get the field goal.  Then getting the ball first in the second half.  The first three passes just didn’t connect.  It’s something as we progress as a team here, that instinct, coming out and being successful and consistent; that’s what we need to do. 

(on if he thought about the pass he had here years ago for the comeback during this game) “This was a much different game than that.  In that game we fell behind early, so early, and then I came off the bench and all that.  I definitely thought about that walking into this stadium today.   I definitely kind of remembered that as I was walking onto the field; but during the game I was thinking about how we’re going to get into the end zone.  It didn’t happen today. 

(on how frustrated he is as a leader) “It’s tough.  I thought we had a great plan.  I thought we had some great practices leading up.  The effort was there today I felt like.  Unfortunately we got beat by a better team today.  We just need to continue to push and work and not get down.  That’s the only chance we have to turn this thing around.”

(on the mood in the locker room at half time) “We were excited.  We were ready to go out there.  Offensively we missed some opportunities, like I’ve been hitting on, to get the seven points.  But the mood was upbeat.  The defense did a good job.  We thought we were going to go out there and win the game.  That’s an important feeling to have.  Obviously we didn’t do it, but we had some momentum there at halftime.”

(on if they followed the game plan in regards to running the ball) “We had a lot of stuff that we didn’t get to do because of how they were playing us.  That’s just the way it is with our team and the things that we do.  Teams, when they play against us, the biggest thing is to stop the run.  Stop (RB) C.J. (Spiller), stop (RB) Fred (Jackson), and make us beat you with the pass.  That’s what the Texans came into the game saying and that’s what they did.”

(on how they will stop other teams from ruining their game plan) “It’s something we need to evaluate, figure out, and have a good plan for.  We’ve got to be able to take advantage with our guys on the outside as well when they try to do that.”

(on if he can give examples of what the Texans did to stray them from their plan) “The biggest thing if you go back and look at the tape is at times not matching personnel. Have three wide receivers playing a lot of man to man coverage and leaving and extra linebacker in rather than bringing a nickel defender.”

DE  Mario Williams
(on playing against his former team) “At the end of the day you want to get a win.  That’s the most important thing.  We didn’t come out and win so that’s tough.” 

(on lining up against his former teammates) “It’s just different.  You run out and you almost forget you’re on the other team because I been here for so long.  It’s still football, so you’ve got to go out there and play ball and try to win.”

(on if this was emotional for him) “No.  Depends on what you mean by emotional.  I was excited to see my friends and things like that and to be back at the stadium.”

(on if he noticed the reaction from fans) “Oh yeah.  I think the biggest thing for me is if you go out and make a play and you get booed, I know I’m in your heart.  That’s the most important thing.  If it had been quiet then I would have felt something different but I know you’re thinking about me.”

(on sacking Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub) “I had to at least get one.  I couldn’t come in here and not.  I had to somehow, some way get one.  I wish it had been more.  Definitely had more opportunities.  They’re a fundamentally sound team.  I played with them for six years.  They did very well getting the ball off.  The biggest problem for us was the boot(leg) and play action.”

(on his post sack celebration) “I was messing with (Texans DE) J.J. (Watt) and I think (Texans NT) Shaun (Cody) had done it earlier.  I was just messing with them.”

(on playing with his wrist injury) “After I had the procedure a week and half or so ago, I believe in it healing now instead of being stagnant.  I worked out this week finally which hasn’t been over two months.  I feel really good and it boost my morale.”

(on Houston Texans DE Antonio Smith getting under his skin) “He was just talking junk.  Nothing really bad.”

(on what was being said to him on the field) “Nothing.  I was messing with (Texans C) Chris Myers asking him why he didn’t call me or write me a letter or something.  At the end of the day it’s football and we’re all competing.  You want to come out and you want to win.  We needed to get something started.  We needed to get some turnovers or something to put points on the board.”

(on if the Houston fans are still in his heart) “Yeah, I’m never going to turn my back on anybody.  Some people feel different.  Some people do.  I’m never going to turn my back on anybody regardless of what you got to say.  You’re a fan, at the end of the day you’re cheering or you’re booing.”

(on sounding “bitter” earlier in the week in an interview about the Texans) “I was asked a question and I answered it.  Just because you didn’t know that and then when I answered it and you make your own opinion on it, bitterness or whatever, but I was asked the question and I just gave the answer.  Nobody’s ever wanted to come out and say it.  Nobody’s ever asked me so it’s kind of ironic that I got asked the question.  It’s just business at the end of the day.  Some people go about it in a man-to-man way and some people just let it go without really saying anything.  At the end of the day it’s just business.”

(on who he talked to after the game) “(Texans head coach Gary) Kubiak especially.  You know what I think about him.  It’s good to see him.  He said ‘keep it going, I miss you and I love you.’  I said the same thing.  I mean there’s not too many words to say about Kubiak.  He’s awesome.  I think the biggest thing was just seeing everybody.”

(on making progress against the run as a team)  “We got to do it every play, every series because we can do it.  Just keep an eye on that gap.  To face an elite running back like that and be able to maintain him from what he’s done and what his offense has done to everybody else they beat.  It’s the little things.  It’s about us being in position and not getting too nosey and doing your job.”

(on Texans 3rd quarter touchdown swinging the momentum) “ I’ve been down this street before.  I wasn’t really worried about it.  We needed to score.  We needed to get a turnover and we needed to score if the offense was struggling we needed to get the ball and we needed to score and like I said we didn’t do that.”

(on adjustments the Texans made) It was simply the same thing: It was boot(leg) or play action.  Apparently it’s tough because they do it to everybody and they did it when I was here.  It’s the same thing.  They do the same thing.  All you got to do is be true.  The problem is they got a heck of a (running) back so it’s hard to really see that boot(leg) or play action because it looks exactly the same.  Everybody’s been trying to stop that play and they put up huge points.  It’s a big play team, big play mentality.  They’re not lulling you to sleep.  Not with that running back back there.  It’s going to be a one-on-one situation with whoever’s covering the guy.  You just have to be true and play through it, lock them up and stay with them through the play.”

K Rian Lindell
–Accounted for all Buffalo points with 3 FGs … 36th time in career with 3+ FG, 31st with Bills … Lindell’s teams are 23-13 (Bills are now 19-12) when he converts 3+ FG … 31 games with 3+ FG ranks 2nd in team history, behind Steve Christie’s 32
–Remains 2nd on Bills career scoring list with 924 pts., trailing only club-record 1,011 by Steve Christie … Bills are one of 8 NFL teams to have more than one player with 900+ pts., along with Cleveland (Lou Groza, Phil Dawson and Don Cockroft), Detroit (Jason Hanson, Eddie Murray), Kansas City (Nick Lowery, Jan Stenerud), New England (Adam Vinatieri, Gino Cappelletti), Pittsburgh (Gary Anderson, Jeff Reed), San Diego (John Carney, LaDainian Tomlinson), and San Francisco (Jerry Rice, Ray Wersching)
–Lindell is one of only 4 active players with 900+ points with his current team, joining Detroit’s Jason Hanson (2,086, incl. 7 today at Jax.), Oakland’s Sebastian Janikowski (1,336, playing 4:05 today vs. T.B.), and Cleveland’s Phil Dawson (1,222, incl. 15 today vs. Bal.)
–3-4 Sunday on FG (successful from 22, 38 & 39 yds., wide right from 37)… 212 FGs in Bills career remains 2nd on club all-time (see list, left) … needs 22 to tie club record-holder Steve Christie (234)

DE Mario Williams
–Recorded sack in 2nd qtr. … raised career sack total to 57.5
–Williams’ teams are 24-16 when participating in a sack, 12-4 with 2+
–Matt Schaub is 31st different NFL QB sacked by Williams … Today also marked 1st sack vs. Hou., giving him sack against 23 of 32 NFL teams
–Led team with 7 total tackles, matching a personal single-game high (also had 7 on 3 previoius occasions, last with Hou. vs. N.Y.J., 9/13/09)

DT Alex Carrington
–Blocked field goal in 2nd qtr. to hold Texans lead at 7-0 … 2nd blocked FG of season (also had one at Ari. 10/14), first Bill with 2+ FG blocks in season since Bruce Smith had 3 in 1996
–3rd blocked FG of career (prior to 2012, had one 10/16/11 at N.Y.G.) 

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
–65.79% completion rate today … 35th game in NFL career with 60% comp. rate (min. 20 att.) … Fitzpatrick’s teams are 15-19-1 when completing 60% or better
–59.81% career completion rate with Bills remains 4th on Bills’ all-time list, behind 60.93% by Trent Edwards (535 878), 60.48% by Rob Johnson (401-663), and 60.13% by Jim Kelly (2,874-4,780)
–Completed 11 straight passes during stretch in first half … longest streak by a Bill since Trent Edwards completed 13 in a row, 10/19/08 vs. S.D.
–25 completions Sunday … along with 27 in last game vs. Ten. (10/21), has back-to-back games with 25+ completions for 3rd time in career (also in games 2-3, 2011 and games 11-12, 2011)
–31st time in career with 20+ comp. … Fitzpatrick’s teams are 7-23-1 in such games, Bills are 6-15
–Remains 5th on Bills all-time completion list with 893 … 12 behind #4 Drew Bledsoe (905)
–1,493 career pass att. with Bills remains 5th on club all-time list … 38 behind #4 Drew Bledsoe (1,531)
–Remains 5th on Bills all-time passing yardage list with 9,928 (see list, left) … needs 72 to become 5th QB in team history with 10,000 yds. … 223 behind #4 Drew Blesdoe (10,151)
–10-of-12 for 122 yds. on 3 FG drives
–Had 83.1 passer rating today … 29th time in career with rating of 80+ … Fitzpatrick’s teams are 16-12-1 with 80+ rating
–79.6 rating in Bills career remains 5th on Bills’ all-time list (min. 250 att.), behind 85.5 by Rob Johnson, 84.4 by Jim Kelly, 81.9 by Frank Reich, and 81.7 by Doug Flutie 

P Shawn Powell
–49.40 average today was 3rd highest by Bills rookie in single game (min. 4 punts), behind 50.67 by Brian Moorman (6-304 vs. Pit., 9/30/01) and 50.00 by John Kidd (5-250 at Ind., 9/30/84)
–25 punts in 2012 are 5th most by Bills rookie in season, behind John Kidd (88 in 1984), Brian Moorman (80 in 2001), Greg Cater (73 in 1980), and Daryle Lamonica (52 in 1963)
–Had three 50+ yd. punts today … has had 50+ punt in 4 of 5 career NFL games
–2 punts Sunday gave Texans possession inside their own 20-yard line … has had at least one “in-the-20” in 4 of 5 career NFL games


RB Fred Jackson became the fourth Bills running back to reach 4,000 rushing yards (4,012) joining Thurman Thomas (11,938), OJ Simpson (10,183) and Joe Cribbs (4,445).

DE Mario Williams led the defense yesterday with seven total tackles and a sack. 

DE Kyle Moore recorded his first sack of his NFL career yesterday in the first quarter. The takedown occurred on a third down play forcing the Texans to punt.

Bills’ kicker Steve Christie was the hero as his 48-yard FG with 0:04 left in regulation sent the game into overtime and his 32-yarder won it for the Bills 16-13 over the New England Patriots at Foxboro Stadium. It marked the fourth time in Buffalo’s five wins that a Christie FG won the game in the final minute or OT and the third time he won a game on the final play in 2000.

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