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Superstorm Sandy hits home for Jones

Posted by on November 12, 2012 – 12:43 pm

Superstorm Sandy ravaged much of the East Coast, leaving homes destroyed, people without power for days, with nowhere to turn but to each other.

For Bills wide receiver Donald Jones, it literally hit home.

Jones and his father jointly own a hat store in his hometown of Plainfield, New Jersey. Brimz Abroad (an upscale hat store) specializes in dress hats for men and women.  For Jones, the destruction wasn’t as bad as others experienced, but still noticable.

“We boarded up the store before the storm hit,” said Jones. “If my dad thinks that the smallest thing is going to happen, he is on top of it!”

Donald’s father made sure to take necessary measures. He emptied the store of all stock top to bottom-taking no chances. Even with precautionary actions, bits of the store were damaged.

“The awnings and signs on top of the store blew off,” said Donald. “We found them down around the corner of the store.”

While the Bills wide receiver was back in Western New York, he could only watch and wait.

“When I was seeing it all happen, I was just trying to get in contact with the family. Back home everyone had lost power,” said Jones. “You couldn’t get through on cell phones or anything. My cousin even got Pneumonia (from being cold after losing power).”

The Jones family shared sympathy to those affected by the storm on the Brimz Abroad Facebook page reading:

“Brimz Abroad would like to send well wishes, patience, strength and power to all of our customers and the entire Brimz Abroad family who were and still are affected by Hurricane Sandy.”

Donald Jones wants everyone to know he shares a special bond with those individuals whose lives were turned upside down by Sandy.

“You never really realize what you are blessed with when something like that happens,” Jones said. “My family didn’t lose much because fortunately we took preparations to make sure nothing was lost or destroyed. My message to those affected is to keep your head up and it’ll get better soon.”

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