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Mariucci sees bright future for Fitz with Bills

Posted by johnmurphyshow on November 14, 2012 – 8:30 pm

He was Brett Favre’s quarterback coach, when the future Hall of Famer arrived in Green Bay 20-years ago.  And he was the Head Coach of the 49ers and the Lions.

NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci has the credentials to talk about quarterback play in the league.  And in an appearance Wednesday night on The John Murphy Show, Mariucci said the Bills Ryan Fitzpatrick has what it takes to lead the franchise into the future.

“He’s a very capable guy,” Mariucci said on the radio show.  “He’s not one of those guys that a team should be looking to replace.  He’s a solid starter.  You can build a team around that guy with a run game, and add another receiver in the offseason, and I think they’ll be on the right track, there’s no doubt.”

Mariucci is in town as part of the NFL Network’s coverage of Thursday’s Bills-Dolphins matchup.  He’ll be on the sidelines for the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football pregame, halftime, and postgame shows.  He’s also part of the network’s NFL GameDay Morning show on Sundays.

Mariucci was asked on The John Murphy Show whether the Bills Ryan Fitzpatrick has what it takes to be the team’s quarterback into the future.

“I think he’s got enough, with all the qualities physical and some intangible qualities,” he said.  ” He’s a guy that you add to his weapons, and continue to build your team with the draft and maybe some free agent moves.  I think  he’s the guy to do it.”

The longtime NFL Coach also said he admires Fitzpatrick’s leadership skills and competitive fire.

“He’s a feisty guy.  He’s had his share of excellent games, and he’s very smart and capable of putting successive plays together to get in the end zone.  I like his spunk.   He’s got a fiery personality that is contagious.   There are games that he’d like to have some plays back, I’m sure.  But he still has an 87 or so rating, which is respectable (87.5), and a decent percentage of completions–17 touchdowns.”

The John Murphy Show airs weeknights from 7-pm on the flagship station of the Bills, WGR Sports Radio 550.

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