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Bills ‘D’ mixed it up

Posted by Chris Brown on November 16, 2012 – 1:05 pm

Buffalo’s defense is often criticized for being too “vanilla,” but that wasn’t the case Thursday night.

“They did a good job of defending the run, mixing coverages up,” said Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill. “We were trying to guess some coverages and get some play calls that would mix it up, and it seemed like we never really hit on one that we were trying to get. So, they did a good job of mixing things up and it made it difficult for us to get the ball moving.

“They did a little bit of everything. They played corner-safeties, they brought a safety in the box. I wouldn’t say it was daring us to throw, but they wanted to defend the run. They did a good job of coming down late and making tackles close to the line of scrimmage.”

“It was not a good offensive performance,” said Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin. “We were 0-for-7, I believe, at one point on third down. We had no rhythm; we had nothing going on. We weren’t throwing the ball well, we weren’t running it well. They did a great job on defense and we didn’t execute well on offense.”

“It was pretty simple,” said Reggie Bush. “Couldn’t run the ball. We didn’t have much success running or throwing the ball, so when you can’t do either one, it’s a recipe for disaster.”

Miami finished with 184 total net yards in the game.

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