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Kyle Williams on “the spark”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on November 16, 2012 – 7:50 pm

Bills DT Kyle Williams said it last Monday–it only takes one win to provide a spark.

In his appearance on The John Murphy Show Friday night, Williams said Buffalo’s win over the Dolphins provided that spark.

“I think so, I hope so,” Williams said.  “I feel like we’ve had really good preparation the last three or four weeks.  Even the bye week when we practiced leading up to Houston and New England, fell short a couple of times.  We finally came out and won a game last night.  I think it’s an affirmation of the hard work and the focus that we’ve had in practice. ”

“I think that spark was Thursday, and I think we gotta continue to do that,” he said.

Kyle Williams was credited with two tackles in the win over the Dolphins, one of them for a loss.  He played a big role in Buffalo’s defense holding Miami to just 60-yards rushing in the game.

And Williams always has a role to play when it comes to firing up his teammates before and after games.  He talked to The John Murphy Show about his pregame comments to the team, and his approach to each game.

“I always make it a point that we know what we’re playing for,” he said.  ” Not everybody has an opportunity to do what we do.  We have an opportunity every Sunday to see what we’re made of.  Every man that walks the earth doesn’t get an opportunity to do  that.  He doesn’t get a chance to look in the mirror every week and   see if he has enough of what it takes to win football games.  We get an opportunity to do that every week and that’s a cool thing.”

“People play for fame, money, family, different things.  For me, I feel like I represent a lot of things.  Obviously, I represent my family.  I represent my hometown.  I represent LSU.  And that encompasses a lot of things, I take that very seriously. But when you go inside those lines, all those things fall by the wayside.  If you’re not out there for the right reasons, and that’s to beat a man, win a football game, you’re not going to last very long.  This game is whip or be whipped, and I don’t like being whipped.”

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