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Casserly on Gailey: “One of best coaches in the league”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on November 30, 2012 – 8:20 pm

Former NFL executive Charlie Casserly has an impressive resume.  He was part of four Washington Redskins Super Bowl teams.  He spent 16-years in the league as General Manager of the Redskins and the Houston Texans.  And now he’s an analyst for the NFL network.

And Casserly has some strong opinions on Bills Head Coach Chan Gailey.

“I think Chan Gailey is one of the best coaches in the league,” Casserly said Friday night on The John Murphy Show.  “If you can’t get to your ultimate potential with Chan Gailey,   you’re not going to get there.”

Casserly made the comments in a discussion on the radio about the recent struggles of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.  The former architect of the Redskins and Texans teams says Gailey and his coaching staff have tried to rein in the “gunslinger” tendencies that sometimes get Fitzpatrick in trouble.

“It’s kind of a love/ hate relationship,” he said.  “He’s a gunslinger who’s streaky.  He’ll get hot and he’ll make some really good throws, and then he’ll turn around and make some throws that, gosh darn, you just shake your head at.  Ultimately, I think the Bills have to improve at the quarterback position to take the next step.”

After Casserly said Gailey is one of the best coaches in the league, host John Murphy asked the former GM to elaborate.

“In no particular order, I think he’s a great scheme coach, creative in what he does,”  Casserly said.  “I think he’s excellent in the passing game.  I think all those things are really good about him.  He develops quarterbacks.  I have no issue with him as an offensive coach, Head Coach, quarterback coach—I really like the guy.”

Casserly is no stranger to withering criticism from NFL fans.  He was vilified in 2006, when he was GM of the Texans, and the team chose DE Mario Williams with the first overall pick.  RB Reggie Bush and QB Vince Young were considered the better choices by fans around the league.   And Casserly says the Bills would be making a mistake if they make major changes in their football department.

“The key thing for Buffalo, and Buddy Nix said this earlier in the year, there’s got to be some patience there,” he said.  “You can’t every couple of years when things look like they’re not going well, blow it up and start over again. ”

Casserly was asked if Bills fans could reasonably expect to be patient, after 12-years without a playoff berth, and possibly a 13th.

“Buddy has not been in charge for those 13- years.   Chan Gailey hasn’t been the head coach for 13-years.  That’s the issue. Sometimes you’ve got to be able to live through a number of losing seasons to come out with a winning record.  If you keep changing every three or four years, then you’re just on a merry-go-round.”

The John Murphy Show airs weeknights from 7-9pm on the flagship station of the Buffalo Bills, WGR Sports Radio 550.

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