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BDC 12/3: Bills vs. Jaguars Recap

Posted by Bills Daily Charge on December 3, 2012 – 10:18 am

— The Buffalo Bills put together a strong effort in all three phases of the game and battled through heavy rain and wind to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars, 34-18, at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Due to the inclement conditions, the Bills offense relied on a heavy dose of RB Fred Jackson and RB C.J. Spiller to move the ball. Jackson had one of his most productive performances of the season, carrying the ball 25 times for 109 yards. Spiller carried the ball 14 times for 77 yards, including a 44 yard touchdown run at the start of the fourth quarter to help put the game away for good.

The Bills passing attack provided early fireworks in this one, with QB Ryan Fitzpatrick connecting with WR T.J. Graham early in the first quarter on a 51 yard deep ball which set Buffalo up to grab the early lead on a Fitzpatrick quarterback keeper for a score. On the day, Fitzpatrick connected with six different receivers while completing 9-of-17 pass attempts for 112 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. Fitzpatrick added 18 yards and one score via the ground. WR Stevie Johnson and TE Scott Chandler were the recipients of the Fitzpatrick’s scoring strikes.

The Bills defense turned in another solid performance, only conceding 236 net yards to the Jaguars. The run defense was especially stout, holding the Jacksonville rushing attack to just 50 yards and 2.8 yards per carry. The Bills produced a constant pass rush, totaling 4 sacks on the day. DE Mario Williams moved his season sack total to 9.5 late in the second quarter when he sacked Jaguars QB Chad Henne forcing a fumble, which Williams recovered himself deep in Jacksonville territory. DT Alex Carrington burst through with 1.5 sacks, while DE Kyle Moore added a sack and DE Shawne Merriman picked up half a sack. Buffalo’s special teams play was highlighted by K Rian Lindell drilling a 50 yard attempt in the third quarter, his first 50-yarder since 2010, and KR/WR Marcus Easley returning the first kickoff attempt of his career 55 yards.

The Howard Simon Show – WGR 550
Chan Gailey
Ryan Fitzpatrick

WGR 550 – Schopp and The Bulldog
Stevie Johnson – 4:00 PM

Head Coach Chan Gailey
Opening statement:
A: There were a lot of good things that happened in that ball game in all three phases. You hold a team to one-for-ten on third down and do a good job on third down yourself. Get a kickoff return at the time you need it. Some good things happen all around. That is why we won the ball game. We had all three phases doing well. Not perfect, not great but doing well.

Q: Can you give us an update on the injuries?
A: I got my list here…Stevie (Johnson) had a hamstring. He got it right before the touchdown. (Chris) Hairston has an ankle. Kept him out. (Eric) Wood has a knee that got hit. We do not know the extent of it yet. Leodis (McKevlin) his back tightened up during the night. He got here and we tried to get it loosened up but he just could not go.

Q: CB Ron Brooks was down but he went back in?
A: Yeah. He got his elbow hit or something.

Q: Have you gotten an early reports on any of the injuries?
A: No. I did not.

Q: Even though it was weather related, running the ball like you did…do you look at the success you had and wonder why have we not done that more this year? 
A: You would like to, but there were some teams that did not let us do that as much as we would like to. You cannot just say let’s just go do that. You have to have success and you have to have a lead. There are a lot of things that go into that. It is not just saying, ‘OK we will just run it 40 times with these two backs and it is automatically going to equal a win.’ It does not happen that way so you still to strike a balance, but once we found out that was the way to attack these guys and that we could, we stuck with it. The conditions made it more so. We had the lead—which helps. All of those things help.

Q: How big was the effort of the special teams units today?
A:  It was really big. If Justin (Rogers) just does not field that punt, I think he touched it at the five yard line. He just does not field it and lets it go, we might have had it at the one. So what? Overall special teams did a really nice job today. I thought the guy punted, for the conditions, extremely well today.

Q: Can a guy like WR Marcus Easley play his way onto the offense from special teams?
A: Sure he can. Matter of fact, there has been many of players who have done that during their career. I can think of several that have done it that way. He sure can and I think that he is going to have to play. If Stevie (Johnson) is down he is going to have to play.

Q: Can you assess how Brooks played today? They really went after him a lot.
A: Yeah. He really did a good job. You look at Ron Brooks. You look at Marcus Easley. You look at Sam Young having to go in there and play. That is three guys that you were not counting on to have to make a major impact two weeks ago and all of a sudden, they had a big impact on this win today. Brooks kept fighting, I will give him that. He got in some challenging situations and came through pretty good overall I think.

Q: How much does the weather impact who is going to be your lead back? Does it change it?
A: Yeah, it does a little bit because you would like for C.J. (Spiller) to be on a fast track. He proved with that one run that sometimes it does not matter. When you are in a physical, downhill game that is more Fred (Jackson)’s game. It is.

Q: Did the weather shift it from 60-40  to RB C.J. Spiller?
A: Yeah. The weather changed that just a little bit. It did change that just a little bit.

Q: Happy to see RB Fred Jackson running that way after the season he has had?
A: Yeah. I told somebody, I forgot who I told, I was so happy for him because there is nobody that continues to work harder to help this football team win than Fred does. I was really excited for him.

Q: Have you sensed any frustration or internal motivation from Fred?
A: Let me tell you—both of those guys and every player in this league has pride. They want to play. They want to be big contributors. Fred is no different, but how you handle it is a key. You handle it with class. He handles it and they are each other’s biggest supporter. We are blessed to be able to have that situation with two class great running backs like we have.

Q: Another great day by the run defense. What has been the difference over the last four or five in a row?
A: We have got some guys running downhill and everybody has been in the right spot. We have got guys playing the cutback. We have got guys filling the front side hole. Everybody is being a lot more consistent about filling the correct gap. If I had to say there is one thing, that is the one thing. We are playing a lot more physical now than we were a month and a half ago.

Q: How close was WR Donald Jones today?
A: Close. It was as much precautionary as it was him being in bad shape. I think that may be a week to week thing. We just have to make sure that he is able to go push off and do everything that he needs to do.

Q: Was the deep ball to WR T.J. Graham a play you wanted to run because Jones was out?
A: Well we saw it on film that we thought that he would be able to beat that guy and they had some corners which they were playing with some backup guys too. That was an audible. (Ryan Fitzpatrick) audibled to that when he saw the coverage. We had an off-tackle play or that throw and Fitz saw the coverage. Saw the free safety cheated over to Stevie (Johnson) and made a great throw into the wind. Did a good job.

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
Q: Was that more like it?
A: Yeah. From day one…this was maybe the extreme, especially because of the weather—it was tough sledding in terms of the rain, the wind and all of that. This was maybe a bit extreme, but for us as a team to be successful at home in December, this is what we expected. We expected to be able to feed Fred (Jackson) the rock and to give it to C.J. (Spiller). Have those guys coming in — they are a tough one-two punch as everybody knows, but as we saw today especially. And the defense really stepped up and played great today.

Q: What did the weather limit you from doing offensively that you might want to do otherwise if the weather was not like this?
A: I think early, first half and definitely first quarter it was tough. The pass game was tough. We hit the one to T.J. (Graham) down the field. That throw is sometimes easier than the quick hard throws where you really have to grip the ball and it squirts out a little bit. It limited us a little bit in terms of maybe not throwing it as much as we wanted to, but on a day like today to have them step up. The offensive line loves a day like this where they know it is going to be a lot on their shoulders. I thought they responded well.

Q: How much does a day like today further the belief about making a run and the playoffs?
A: We have a lot of belief in our locker room and we are not in the most ideal situation, but we lose today’s game we know we are out. We continue to win like we did today and we have some home games coming up. We continue to win these games we are going to have a chance at it and I think everybody in the locker room knows that.

Q: With the Jaguars being a 2-9 team, was it an opportunity to get on them early and put this one away early?
A: Well they have been playing a lot better of late and I have been on teams…when I was in Cincinnati we started the season 0-8 and had a 4-3-1 finish. There is a lot of pride for players in the NFL. You cannot come in and take anybody lightly. As you saw, they fought all game long and give them credit for that. At the end of the day we felt like this was one we should win and needed to win. I thought we went out there and did a good job.

Q: Can you walk us through your touchdown passes?
A: The first one to Scott (Chandler), the way that we had practiced it during the week and the way that we kind of saw it happening was more (Paul Posluszny) getting some depth, Scott coming underneath him and maybe throwing it to him. It was a different look, but Scott did a great job of getting over Poz. There was a safety on top of him that he kind of ran away from. I just put a little bit of air under it to throw it over Poz and let him go over and get it. He did a great job with that. Again, just a big target and a guy that they can put two guys on him down there and you can still get him the ball. Stevie (Johnson)’s was just a one-on-one matchup. I knew I had single coverage over there. They went to an empty set and he did a great job putting the move on the guy and breaking out to score there.

Q: Did it feel good to hit a deep one to WR T.J. Graham?
A: Yeah, it was good. That was something we have been practicing lately. Something I am feeling a lot more comfortable with him. We have done some really good things in terms of the work that we have had in practice and hitting those throws. Making sure that we are on the same page. It was a great play by him to get by everybody and make the catch. He is a guy that is what we expected out of him. I think I am getting more and more comfortable with what he can do.

DE Mario Williams
Q: How nice is it to get the all-around effort?
A: We just wanted to come out and play fundamental football. It was kind of sloppy out there with the rain and everything, but we just kept pushing.

Q: Can you talk about the play when you kind of raked it out of the QB’s hands?
A: You know it was just one of those things where when you get back there, especially with the elements how they were with the rain, it is pretty tough holding onto the ball. So we just wanted to rake at the ball every time we had the chance. It was there, I saw it and I just reached out and swiped it away.

Q: It was kind of like bonus points at the point. You were moving the ball pretty well and then you get an extra possession out of that.
A: Yeah, right before the half it definitely helped the momentum just being able to get off the field real quick and put the offense back out there.

Q: Do you feel like you are all the way back now 100 percent physically and mentally?
A: No. You know, my wrist is healing, definitely. Like I said, whenever I had the procedure and everybody was freaking out about it, I knew it was going to progress and not be stagnant. With something like that and continuing playing, obviously it is not going to be healed all the way until after the season. But it is definitely getting better and that is making me feel better.

Q: You guys have stacked together a couple pretty good defensive performances the last three or four weeks.
A: We just have to keep playing fundamental football, playing our positions and our gaps, not getting out of position and just getting after it and keep pushing.

Q: Is it frustrating that it took so long to reach this point where all three phases came together and played well?
A: You obviously want to do that from the very beginning of the season. What happened before is the past and we just have to keep pushing. We are still there. Even though nobody else thinks of it that way, we do. We still have games left. Anything can happen and we just have to keep pushing.

RB Fred Jackson
Q: Did you feel you had to reestablish yourself?
A: Well I mean everyone wants to be on the field. My job is to just go out there and make plays when I get the opportunity. I felt like coming out here seeing what type of game it was, we were going to have to run the ball. I felt I would be able to get out there and get that opportunity and make plays. I told CJ expect the ball a lot today. We got the running game going early so there was something I wanted to do personally and I am just going to continue to try and make plays no matter what the workload is. You know I feel like I can make a play when I get out there.

Q: How does it feel to have a 100 yard game?
A: Well it’s good. You know its going to be one of those games, you know it’s got to be ground and pound game. To come out and establish early and take some pressure off the offense and Fitz, is always a good thing. For me to get back out there and get established, it is a long time coming. You know it’s a big lift off my shoulders. I can keep building from there.

Q: Was this a blueprint game?
A: Without a doubt. We feel like we know our best players are in the running back room. So that’s how we want to approach the game.  We have to go out and get started early, we feel like if we do that then it gives us a good opportunity to win football games. If we continue to do this we make plays, it is going to take a lot pressure off our offense.

Q: Why did it take twelve games to start playing like this?
A: All I can do is go out and make plays when my number is called. You know things aren’t always going to go the way we wanted them too. It’s an up and down game. So hopefully we can just keep making plays like we did today and take all the other things out of it.

TE Scott Chandler
–Scored TD on 11-yd. rec. in 2nd qtr. to give Bills 14-10 lead … 12th TD rec. of career, 6th this season
–12 career TD rec. breaks tie with Keith McKeller (11) for 4th most by Bills TE
–6 TD rec. this season ties personal season-high and also matches club record for most by Bills TE in single season
–Has rec. in 25 of last 26 games and in last 13 straight … 13-game rec. streak is new career-long (had 12 game streak in games 1-12, 2011)
–Today’s rec. resulted in a first down … 27 of 32 rec. in 2012 (84.4%) have moved the chains … 52 of 71 career rec. (73.2%) have given Bills new set of downs
–Is one of 2 Bills (along with Stevie Johnson) with rec. in all 12 games this season
–Needs 6 rec. to tie personal season-high (38 in 2011)
–Has already established new personal season-high with 417 rec. yds. (389 in 2011)

WR Stevie Johnson
–Scored TD on 13-yd. rec. in 3rd qtr. to give Bills 24-10 lead … 24th TD of career (all via reception), tying Frank Lewis (24) for 9th on Bills’ all-time list for receiving TDs (see list, left)… with next TD, will tie co-#7s Pete Metzelaars and Peerless Price (25 each)
–Has scored at least 5 TDs in last 3 seasons (10 in 2010, 7 in 2011)
–Johnson has caught 22 TDs from QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, tying the Fitzpatrick-Johnson combo with Jim Kelly- Pete Metzelaars for 4th in Bills history (see list, left)
–Raised season reception total to 55, 3rd consecutive season with 50+ … 6th Bills player (7th occasion) with streak of 3+ straight 50-rec. seasons, joining Bob Chandler (1975-77), Andre Reed (1986-94 and 1996-99), Eric Moulds (1998-2005), Peerless Price (2000-02), and Lee Evans (2006-08)
–Extended rec. streak to career-long 44 games, the 4th longest rec. streak in club history … today broke tie with two others 43-game streaks (Andre Reed (between 11/2/86 at T.B. and 10/22/89 vs. N.Y.J.) and Thurman Thomas (between 11/29/92 at Ind. and 10/23/95 at N.E.)) … 23 games from #3 Lee Evans’ 67- game streak (between 10/31/04 vs. Ari. and 11/9/08 at N.E.)
–225 career rec. remains 12th on Bills all-time reception list … 44 rec. behind #11 Frank Lewis (269)
–2,894 career rec. yds. remains 12th on Bills all-time chart … 27 behind #11 Pete Metzelaars (2,921) and 681 from #10 Josh Reed (3,575)
–One rec. today resulted in first down … 103 of last 149 catches (69.1%) have resulted in first downs … 45 of 76 rec. in 2011 (59.2%) moved the chains, as have 38 of his 55 rec. (69.1%) so far in 2012
–Is one of 2 Bills (along with Scott Chandler) with rec. in all 12 games this season

WR T.J. Graham
–Career-long 51-yd. rec. on Bills opening drive helped set up TD … along with 24-yd. catch last week at Ind., has 20+ yd. rec. in back-to-back games for first time in career
–Last Bills rookie with 20+ yd. rec. in cons. games: Donald Jones in games 14-15. 2010 (29 yds. at Mia. 12/19 & 40 yds. vs. N.E. 12/26)
–54 rec. yds. are new career high (34 vs. N.E., 9/30)

RB C.J. Spiller
–Scored TD on 44-yd. rush in 4th qtr. … TD was 6th of season, 5th via rush … 5 rushing TDs is new personal season-high (had 4 in 2011)
–6 overall TDs in season tie as personal season-best (had 6 – 4 rush, 2 rec. – in 2011)
–In NFL career, has 9 rush TDs and 14 overall
–77 rushing yds. today increased season total to team-leading 907 … needs 93 to record first career 1,000-yd. season (old personal season high: 561 in 2011) … looking to become 12th Bill (28th occasion) with a 1,000-yd. season and first since Fred Jackson (1,062) in 2009
–44-yd. TD today, along with 41-yd. gain last week at Ind., makes Spiller first Bill with 40+ yd. rush in consecutive games since Fred Jackson in games 6-7, 2011 (80-yd. TD at N.Y.G. 10/16 & 43-yd. carry vs. Was. 10/30)
–Has 20+ yd. rush in 8 of 12 games this season
–Has averaged club-record 5.51 yds. per rushing attempt in career (318-1,751) (min. 200 att.) … 2nd highest average was posted by O.J. Simpson (4.80 – 2,123-10,183), with #3 position held by current Bill Fred Jackson (4.57 – 923-4,217)
–Averaging 6.62 yds. per attempt in 2012 (137-907), a new club single-season record … previous mark was held by O.J. Simpson in 1973 (6.03 – 332-2,003)
–6.62 avg. through 12 games is 2nd highest in NFL since 1960 among players with at least 120 att. through 12 games … others with 6.50 avg. or better: Cleveland RB Jim Brown in 1963 (6.71, 250-1,677), Miami RB Mercury Morris in 1973 (6.58, 144-947), and Minnesota RB Adrian Peterson in 2007 (184-1,.197)
–84 scrimmage yds. today (77 rush, 7 rec.) … Snapped 6-game streak with 100+ scrimmage yds., longest by a Bill since Thurman Thomas’ 9-game stretch between game 9, 1992 and game 1, 1993

RB Fred Jackson
–109 rushing yds. today … 14th career 100-yd. rushing game; ties Willis McGahee (14) for 3rd on Bills all-time list, behind only Thurman Thomas (46) and O.J. Simpson (41)
–Bills are 11-3 when Jackson has 100-yd. rushing game
–First 100-yd. rushing game since 114 at Dal., 11/13/11
–Raised career rushing yd. total to 4,217; figure remains 4th on Bills all-time list, 228 behind #3 Joe Cribbs (4,445)
–Needs 77 rush yds. to become 2nd Bills player this season with 500+ (C.J. Spiller – 907) … Duo also topped 500-yd. mark in 2011 (Jackson-934 & Spiller-561) and could give Bills back-to-back seasons with 500-yd. tandem for just 4th time in team history (also in 1974-75, 1991-92, & 1995-97)
–923 career rush att. remains 5th on Bills all-time list … needs 40 to tie #4 Travis Henry (963)
–Career rushing avg. of 4.57 (923-4,217) remains 3rd all-time in Bills history (among rushers with 200+ att.), trailing only C.J. Spiller (5.51 – 318-1,751) and O.J. Simpson (4.80 – 2,123-10,183)
–204 career rec. now tied for 13th in Bills history … today tied Jay Riemersma (204) … ranks 2nd on club’s alltime chart for receptions by a RB, trailing only Thurman Thomas (456)
–119 scrimmage yds. today (109 rush + 10 rec.) … 26th career game with 100+ scrimmage yds., 3rd this season (120 vs. Ten. 10/21; 105 at N.E. 11/11)
–5,953 career scrimmage yds. (4,217 rush + 1,736 rec.) remains 7th in club history … needs 126 to tie #6 Lee Evans (6,079)
–Is one of four players in franchise history with 4,000 rushing & 1,500 receiving yds. in career, along with Thurman Thomas (11,938 + 4,341), O.J. Simpson (10,183 + 1,924), and Joe Cribbs (4,445 + 1,783)

FS Jairus Byrd
–Recorded interception on Jaguars final drive to help seal win … INT was 18th of career, team-high 5th of season … tied Henry Jones and Mike Stratton (18 each) for 13th on Bills career INT list … needs 3 INT to tie co-#11s Tom Janik and Kurt Schulz (21 each)
–Today was 2nd INT which enable Bills to run out clock (also 9/16/12 vs. K.C.)
–Bills are 9-5 in games featuring Byrd INT (3-1 with 2 INTs)
–Along with 5 fumble recoveries, now has 23 takeaways in NFL career

DT Alex Carrington
–Recorded 1.5 sacks today … first multi-sack game of NFL career
–Has 4.5 sacks in NFL career, 2.5 in 2012 … 2.5 in season is new personal season-high (had 1.0 in 2010 & 2011)
–Other takedown this season was strip-sack 9/16/12 vs. K.C. (Matt Cassel)

DE Mario Williams
–Recorded strip-sack in 2nd qtr. and also recovered loose ball … takeaway led to FG which gave Bills 17-10 lead
–First time in NFL career Williams had sack, forced fumble, and fumble recovery on same play
–Sack raised career total to 62.5 … leads Bills this season with 9.5 sacks
–Along with takedowns vs. Mia. 11/15 (1.0) & at Ind. last week (3.0), continues 8th sack streak of career, first since games 4-5, 2011 with Hou. (his final games played in ‘11)
–3-game sack streak is 4th of 3+ games in NFL career, and first since 3-gamer in 2009 with Hou. (games 11-13) … also had 3-game streak in games 6-8 as rookie in 2006 and a 6-game stretch in 2007 (games 10-15)
–3rd sack streak of 3 games by a Bill this season (Kyle Williams in games 2-4, Marcell Dareus in games 2-4) … prior to 2012, last time any Bill had a 3-game sack streak was Aaron Schobel’s 4-gamer in games 12-15, 2007 … last time Bills had 3 different sack streaks of 3+ games in one season was in 2006 (Chris Kelsay in games 1-3 & Schobel in games 5-8 & 10-15) … last time Bills had 3 different players with 3-game sack streaks in one season was in 1997 (Bruce Smith in games 1-2 & 4-9, Phil Hansen in games 2-4, Sam Rogers in games 2-3 & 5, and Sean Moran in games 7-9)
–Williams’ teams are 26-17 when participating in a sack
–Chad Henne is 3rd different Jacksonville QB to be sacked by Williams (David Garrard 4.0, Byron Leftwich 1.0) … 6.0 sacks vs. Jaguars are 2nd most of any NFL team (Indianapolis – 11.0) … Henne also became 34th different NFL QB sacked by Williams
–Needs half-sack for 3rd career 10+sack season (previous 2 with Hou.: 14 in 2007, 12 in 2008) … would be first 10-sack season by a Bill since Aaron Schobel (10.0) in 2009
–Forced fumble was 12th of career, 1st since 9/11/11 with Hou. vs. Ind. … 11 of 12 career FFs have occurred on sacks … Williams’ teams now 10-2 with FF
–Fumble recovery was 5th of career, 2nd of season (also: 9/16 vs. K.C.) … first time with 2 FR in season … Williams’ teams now 5-0 with FR

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
–Scored TD on 1-yd. rush on Bills opening drive … 6th rush TD of career, 1st since 11/29/09 vs. Mia. … 2 of 6 career TDs have given his team a lead (1 of 2 with Bills)
–Completed 51-yd. pass to T.J. Graham on first drive, to help set up his TD … along with 63-yd. pass to Stevie Johnson last week at Ind., has 50+ yd. completion in back-to-back games for 3rd time in career (also in games 10-11, 2009 and games 10-11, 2010)
–40+ yd. completion in back-to-back games for first time since 6-game stretch in games 3-8, 2011
–Remains 4th on Bills all-time passing yardage list with 10,725 (see list, left) … 4,413 behind #3 Jack Kemp (15,138)
–Needs 529 passing yds. to record 3rd career season with 3,000+ (3,000 in 2010, 3,832 in 2011) … looking to record 16th season of 3,000+ yds. by a Bills QB … 3-season streak of 3,000-yd. seasons would be 2nd in team history (Jim Kelly had 5 straight from 1991-95)
–Threw 2 TD passes today (11 yds. to Scott Chandler in 2nd qtr., 13 yds. to Stevie Johnson in 3rd qtr.) … 22nd multi-TD game in career, 7th of season
–11th time a Bills QB has 20+ TD passes through first 12 games of season … 2012 is 3rd season of career with 20+ TD (23 in 2010, 24 in 2011)
–Has thrown 22 TD passes to Stevie Johnson … the Fitzpatrick-Johnson combo is just the 5th in team history with 22+ TDs (see details in Johnson section, page 1) and the pair is now tied with Jim Kelly-Pete Metzelaars for 4th on club all-time list
–Has thrown TD in 39 of 51 games played as a Bill
–76 career TDs with Bills remains 4th on club all-time chart (see list, left) … with next TD, will tie #3 Jack Kemp (77)
–Remains 4th on Bills all-time completion list with 963 (see list, left) … 77 behind #3 Jack Kemp (1,040)
–1,610 career pass att. with Bills remains 4th on club all-time list … 630 behind #3 Jack Kemp (2,240)
–4-of-8 for 87 yds. on 4 TD drives … 1-of-2 for -1 yd. on 2 FG drives
–23-40-1 record as NFL starter (19-30 with Bills)

WR Marcus Easley
–Recorded first kickoff return of NFL career & converted it for 55-yd. gain … 2nd longest non-scoring KOR by Bill this season (59 yds. by Leodis McKelvin, 10/7 at S.F.) 



DE Mario Williams had recorded a strip-sack in the second quarter vs. the Jaguars and also recovered the loose ball. Williams’ takeaway led to a Bills field goal which gave the Bills 17-10 lead. This was the first time in his NFL career Williams had sack, forced fumble, and fumble recovery on the same play.


RB Fred Jackson ran for 109 yards on 25 attempts in yesterday’s victory and also had 119 yards from scrimmage making it Jackson’s 26th career game with 100 or more yards from scrimmage.
Jaguars3WR Stevie Johnson scored a 13-yard touchdown in yesterday’s win over the Jaguars. It was Johnson’s 24th touchdown of his career tying him with Frank Lewis for ninth on the Bills’ all-time list for receiving.


FS Jairus Byrd recorded an interception on the Jaguars final drive to help seal the Bills win. Byrd’s pick was his 18th of his career and fifth of the season. Along with five fumble recoveries, Byrd now has 23 takeaways in his NFL career.

TE Scott Chandler scored an 11-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter yesterday to give Buffalo a 14-10 lead over the Jaguars. It was Chandler’s 12th touchdown reception of his career, sixth this season which matches a club record for most by a Bills tight end in a single season.


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Jaguars vs. Bills highlights.

Ground game carries Bills past Jags

Russo Reaction: Bills grind out win over Jags
Bills Run to Win over Jaguars

Bills Fans Cry Foul After First Blackout Of The Season

Bills find winning formula vs. Jaguars
Bills dodge rain, run over Jaguars

Bills Well Grounded in Win over Jags
Bills Report Card – Week 13
Bills Roundtable – Post Jaguars

A game the Bills needed to have
Bills Top Jaguars

Additional Clips
Inside The Bills
Injured Bills to be Re-evaluated, Bills run ‘D’ peaking?, 30 pass attempts a key number?, Stevie on his hamstring, Jaguars inactives, Bills inactives, Graham to start for Jones, CB injuries to push ‘green’ players on field

Press Coverage (Buffalo News)
Video: Gaughan, Sully on Bills win
Fred Jackson’s best game in a year drives Bills past Jaguars
Game ball: Bills 34, Jaguars 18
Points after: Bills 34, Jaguars 18
T.J. Graham, Marcus Easley next up with Donald Jones out
Greetings from cavernous Ralph Wilson Stadium

Pro Football Talk
Bills move to 5-7 with convincing win over Jags

Kryk Slants
Bills’ Thunder and Lightning zap Jaguars in rain

CBS Sports
Postgame analysis: Bills 34, Jaguars 18
Immediate Reactions: Bills 34, Jaguars 18
Bills Get Back On Track 34-18
Bills Put It All Together Against Jags

The Sports Network
Buffalo 34, Jacksonville 18

Three-point Stance (Rochester D&C)
Report Card

AFC East Blog (ESPN)
Wrap-up: Bills 34, Jaguars 18

Around the League (
Bufalo Bills rout Jacksonville Jaguars, keep hopes alive

Buffalo Rumblings
Buffalo Bills Ride Running Backs To 34-18 Victory

Pro Football Weekly
Fitzpatrick throws two TDs as Bills rout Jaguars

AFC East Daily
Bills’ ‘backup’ tailback carries offense in win over Jax

NFL Rapid Reports
Postgame analysis: Bills 34, Jaguars 18

All Sports WNY
Bills Down Jags 34-18, Hopes Alive

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