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Jackson’s film study starts Sunday night

Posted by johnmurphyshow on December 3, 2012 – 7:40 pm

If you’re Bills RB Fred Jackson, you barely get a chance to savor one game before you look ahead to another.

The Bills running back says he takes a look at next week’s opponents on Sunday night, hours after the game ends.

Jackson made the comments Monday night, appearing on The John Murphy Show.  He said he and his teammates typically get an e-mail from the Bills video staff on Sunday nights, hours after their next opponents finish their game.  And Jackson says it gives him a jump-start on film study for the following week.

“We got film on St. Louis yesterday, after the game,” Jackson told John Murphy Monday night.

“Our film guys do a tremendous job, as soon as the game ended in St. Louis, about three hours later, we got it.  They do a tremendous job staying on that.  It’s a great way for us to stay ahead of the game.  I’ll go home, relax for a little bit, and then probably look at some film tonight.  They email it to me and it’s on my iPad, and I can stream it through my TV and watch it at home. ”

When Fred takes a look at the Rams on tape, he’ll be watching the NFL’s 12th ranked defense.  But Jackson is coming off his most productive day of the season.  He ran it 25 times against Jacksonville for 109 yards.

Consequently, his running mate, C.J. Spiller only 14 carries in the Jacksonville game.  But if Spiller’s not happy with his offensive workload, Jackson says you can’t tell.

“CJ’s a great dude. He’s an unselfish player,” Jackson said.  “He wants to win football games and we know that.  If he is upset about it, I can’t tell, no one on this team can tell.   He’s just like me, he’s just like everybody else in that locker room–we just want to win football games.”

“As long as we’re winning football games and things are going the way we need them to, we’re not going to have anything where we’re salty about not getting as much touches.  We’ll go out there and continue to play football and hopefully we can make enough plays where we continue to win,” he said.

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