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C.J. to talk with Gailey about being “winded”

Posted by Chris Brown on December 10, 2012 – 5:36 pm

C.J. Spiller has heard more than once about being winded and that’s why he’s come out of games. Spiller insists he’s in shape and isn’t winded by a couple of 13-yard runs as was the case yesterday. Spiller indicated he plans to talk with Coach Gailey about the “being winded” comments that have come up from time to time this season.

“I’m in shape and I’m just going to leave it at that,” said Spiller. “And I’ll sit down with coach and just get a better understanding. I wanted to do that before I met with you guys, but time didn’t allow it. But I’ll go up there and see what he meant. I think I’m in shape.”

Gailey was asked the same question about his ‘winded’ comments concerning Spiller and assures that he believes his back is in top form.

“Yeah he’s in great shape,” said Gailey. “I think a lot has been made about him tapping out, but we send him on a lot of deep routes and he has some long runs. We allow everybody – we allow receivers, we allow everybody to tap out if they get tired. He’s back in there when he’s rested and he’s ready to go.”

Spiller admitted that he only asked out of the lineup once Sunday against the Rams.

“I came out that one play on the screen, but once I went over to the sidelines I told the guy that does our personnel change to let them know I was ready literally after one or two plays,” said Spiller. “I was ready to go back in, but they stuck with the personnel that was out there.”

The Bills back did acknowledge that on a big play he’ll  get winded, but so would any other top flight back.

“If you score a 60-yarder then your wind is not going to sit there and be normal like you just ran a five-yarder,” said Spiller. “You can ask Chris Johnson. I asked him after he ran that 80-something yarder against us and he said, ‘Yeah I was a little winded.’ And he’s a world class athlete. You’re not going to have super energy after a big run like that. To me 13 yards I can run that just waking up out of my sleep.”

After Sunday’s game when asked why Spiller wasn’t utilized more often Gailey said the following.

“Well he had two good runs in that first drive, he gets winded and he comes out,” said Gailey. “We just put Fred in there. It worked out that the next couple of carries we got behind the sticks on runs that we called he was in there. That is just the way it works out. We are trying to get those guys the football.”

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