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Players see killer instinct as issue

Posted by Chris Brown on December 10, 2012 – 11:17 am

Closing out tight games has proven difficult for the Bills. They did kneel out their five-point win over Miami and they killed the clock in their Week 3 win at Cleveland, but they’ve found it tough to hang on to leads in some other close games and it has the players wondering about their killer instinct.

“Yeah, we have to develop a killer instinct,” said Ryan Fitzpatrick. “We have to win those games if we want to be one of the teams that is sitting there at the end of the year getting ready for the playoffs. We have to be able to win games like this. As an offense we have to be able to put them away and we did not do it (Sunday).”

“Obviously we did not finish it off,” said Nick Barnett. “So the killer instinct was not there enough for us to win. I have high confidence in our defense in being able to get off the field in that opportunity, and it did not happen that time, whatever the reason was. But as far as killer instinct – yes, we should be able to close out these games, in all phases. Unfortunately it did not come out that way, but we will keep working.”

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